Global health is too important to leave it in the hands of the WHO.

The WHO needs to focus on its core priority, responding to international health crises. Western democracies are the main funders of the World Health Organization. Taxpayers in countries like the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom should demand more transparency and accountability within the organization. Global health is too important to leave it in the hands of the current WHO.

Five reasons to #defundWHO

The WHO focuses more on fighting non communicable diseases than on identifying and containing threats to global public health such as Ebola and COVID-19.

The WHO preaches openness but most decisions are taken behind closed doors and journalists are regularly being removed from Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) Conferences of the Parties.

The WHO actively schmoozes with dictators like Robert Mugabe and colludes with regimes such as Vladimir Putin’s Russia to keep internal power structures afloat. Western taxpayers shoulder the bill of all this.

The WHO has sky-high travel costs: The WHO spends $28,500 per staffer or the per capita GDP of developed countries like Spain or Italy on travel per year!

The WHO loves to go on luxury trips in the name of public health: One example is a trip to the Seychelles for a workshop at the stunning Coral Strand Hotel. They hosted a regional African meeting on an island far away from nearly all African countries because of the Seychelles “comprehensive tobacco control laws.”

This page provides you with resources on the Consumer Choice Center’s campaign on defunding the World Health Organization. Further media hits, graphics, and podcasts will be added here on an ongoing base.


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