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What is Consumer Choice Center?

The Consumer Choice Center is the consumer advocacy group supporting lifestyle freedom, innovation, privacy, science, and consumer choice. The main policy areas we focus on are digital, mobility, lifestyle & consumer goods, and health & science.

We empower

The CCC empowers consumers to raise their voice in media, the Internet, and on the streets and facilitates activism towards a more empowered consumer. Learning from the successes of its parent organization, Students For Liberty, the CCC will bring the struggle for consumer freedom to the next level.

We Represent

The CCC represents consumers in over 100 countries across the globe. We monitor closely regulatory trends in Washington, Brussels, Geneva and other hotspots of regulation and inform and activate consumers to fight for #ConsumerChoice.

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Low-battery warning fight

Microsoft’s carbon dating, Google in $1tn club, Logitech’s split keyboard Don’t tell anyone, but my iPhone charger is hidden under some newspapers on my desk so that it’s less likely to go walkies when I’m not there. I’ve always taken precautions, with people very eager to “borrow” this vital energy supply, and in future, I […]

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Ce Secteur a Réussi Là Où L’Etat a Toujours Échoué

Une bonne information et une réglementation équilibrée sont plus efficaces que l’interdiction pure et simple : du bon sens, et pourtant… Les collégiens, les lycéens et les étudiants ont augmenté leur consommation de cigarettes électroniques, malgré les préoccupations croissantes. Bien que la consommation de nicotine chez les mineurs et les décès dus à des maladies pulmonaires […]

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Cannabis Conclave Returning To Davos: Meet Benzinga At The Event

The Cannabis Conclave is returning to Davos on Jan. 23, alongside the World Economic Forum. The Conclave, which is hosted by the Consumer Choice Center and Prohibition Partners, is an industry event that seeks to connect industry leaders, investors and policy makers. The purpose of the event is to advance the legalization discussion internationally, for both […]

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A new Pro-Science Citizens’ Initiative Deserves Support

A new student organized EU Citizens’ Initiative demands a streamlined process of authorising scientific innovations in the field of agriculture. They deserve to be heard and supported. On 25th July, the European Commission registered the Citizens’ Initiative Grow scientific progress: crops matter! Two students are named as representatives, namely Martina Helmlinger and Lavinia Scudiero. Helmlinger is about to […]

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It’s time for the UK to bring drug approval into the 21st century

Settling Brexit has been a byzantine process, but it’s got nothing on the UK’s opaque and outright baffling system of pharmaceutical drug availability and research. Every year the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the UK’s national drug regulator, approves dozens of new medicines, including both the newest patented medicines and lower-cost generic drugs. […]

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Le génie génétique est une occasion scientifique à saisir

Qui assumera la responsabilité si l’Europe prend du retard dans l’innovation scientifique? L’huile de soja sans acide gras transfat, la tomate résistante aux virus, le riz résistant aux maladies, le traitement de la paralysie par les cellules souches, ou la réparation de la cornée sont autant d’innovations scientifiques ou de percées possibles avec le génie génétique. Le Canada a créé […]

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