FDA’s Menthol Melee: A CCC Session

There are alternatives to the FDA’s menthol ban

On June 13 -15, the Food & Drug Administration held “listening sessions” on their latest proposed rules to outlaw both menthol cigarettes and all flavors in cigars. These sessions were intended to provide opportunities for public comment and feedback, but we know they won’t take our voices and the factual statistics into account.

The FDA has yet to heed the warnings of the impact of the bans from community organizations, civil liberties groups, think tanks, consumer groups, researchers, racial justice organizers, and more. Their recent record on harm reducing vaping products and vaping flavors only adds to that.

That's why the Consumer Choice Center hosted its own "Menthol Melee"

We hosted the Menthol Melee to hear from various community activists, law enforcement officers, and research experts who understand far too well how ill-fated a ban on these flavored tobacco products would be. Check it out below.

Notable Testimonies:

  • Gwen Carr, Mother of Eric Garner, Community Activist
  • Elliot T. Boyce, Sr., Former NY State Trooper
  • Anthony J. Carothers, Former Commander, Chicago PD
  • Rich Marianos, Former Assistant Director, ATF
  • James Newman, Former Chief, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, ATF
  • Dan Whittmore, Former Senior Special Agent, ATF, Former Special Agent FDA
  • Edgar Domenech, Former Deputy Director, ATF, Former Sheriff of New York City
  • Ronald Hampton, Black Officers Association of America
  • Corey Pegues, Former NYPD Executive
  • Michael Landl, Director, World Vapers Alliance
  • Jeff Stier, Senior Fellow, Taxpayers Protection Alliance, Consumer Choice Center
  • Dr. Pritika C Kumar, Senio Fellow, R Street Institute
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