Coping with uncertainty in a post-pandemic world

Prioritising mental health in times of global crisis


About the Event

Distinguished experts in mental health and organizational behaviour discuss personal and workplace strategies for coping with stress and uncertainty in a post-pandemic world. Whether it is the workplace or in our personal lives, the challenges surrounding us give us reason to fear for the future. While the pandemic has made many more aware of mental health as a priority, are we doing enough to help each other cope with stress and anxiety? Our panel will explore what the numbers can show us thus far, and what more we can do.

January 19th, 2023 - Davos, Switzerland

  • Welcome & Reception10:45 AM

    All guests meet at 10:45 AM at the cable car station Parsennbahn in Davos. All attendees will be provided with tickets for the cable car and will jointly travel up the mountain to the restaurant.
  • Introduction Speech11:30 AM

    This event will include a brief introductory speech by The New York Times's Opinion Editor and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Kathleen Kingsbury.
  • Event Talks & Discussion11:40 AM

  • Social Gathering1:00 PM

  • End of Event2:00 PM

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Our Speakers

Kathleen Kingsbury

Kathleen Kingsbury

Opening Remarks
The New York Times's Opinion Editor and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist
Jillian Melchior

Jillian Melchior

Panel Moderator
Editorial Board Member of the Wall Street Journal
Alysha Tagert

Alysha Tagert

Mental health expert, MSW, LICSW
Pa Sinyan

Pa Sinyan

Managing Partner EMEA at Gallup

Enjoy the mountainside venue

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The Consumer Choice Center invites you to a scenic lunch at the Restaurant Höhenweg in Davos, on January 19, 2023. The event will feature renowned experts on mental health and community support.

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