Telecom and Media Innovation Summit

The Consumer Choice Center will host a Telecom and Media Innovation Summit in Davos, Switzerland on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019. You will hear insights by leading business executives, policymakers, regulators, and consumer advocates as they discuss the innovation, convergence, and integration of services in the telecommunications and media world, and what they will mean for consumers. And to ensure it is a real summit, we chose the highest restaurant in Davos on top of Parsenn Peak at 2,883 meters/ 9,458 feet.

During our speakers’ comments, attendees will enjoy a three-course traditional Swiss lunch featuring Käsespätzle, Fondue, and Kaiserschmarrn accompanied by champagne, wines, and other drinks.

With a diverse group of participants, we want to use this invitation-only event to examine how current innovations in the digital sphere will positively impact consumers in global markets going forward into the 21st century.

Panel I. The Future of Convergence: What Consumers Want in 2019?

Panel II. The Future of Digital Investment: A Transatlantic Perspective

The Consumer Choice Center (CCC) is a global consumer group working on local, national, and UN level to promote consumer choice and liberalization (from sharing economy to lifestyle freedom, to trade, to digital economy).

The CCC is active in digital debates in the U.S., Canada, and the European Union. This includes coverage in Le Monde, The Hill, Washington Examiner, the Times of London, Handelsblatt, and more. 

10:45First check-in at the lower terminus
11:15First arrival at the Restaurant, aperitif, networking
11:30-11:40Opening Remarks
Fred Roeder (Consumer Choice Center)
11:40-12:00Opening Remarks
Frank Sitta (German Bundestag)
12:00Starter Served

Panel I. The Future of Convergence: What Consumers Want in 2019?

Mario Brandenburg (German Budestag)

Frank Sitta (German Bundestag)

Vivian Loonela (European Commission)

Jacob Moroza-Rasmussen (ALDE Party)

Fadi Chehadé (Founder RosettaNet)

Moderator: Ryan Heath (POLITICO)

13:10-13:30Q&A and discussion
13:30Lunch Served
14:20Dessert served

Closing Remarks

Yaël Ossowski (Consumer Choice Center)

Fadi Chehadé (Founder RosettaNet)

14:40Networking coffee, Q&A
15:15Head back to the lower terminus

Download the agenda HERE

TELECOM AND MEDIA INNOVATION SUMMIT – at 2883 meters / 9458 feet

Location: Restaurant Weissfluhgipfel, Parsenn Summit, Davos, Switzerland

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