From Smoking to Vaping

How many people could benefit of switching from Smoking to Vaping? Roughly 160 million people in 60 countries.
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Sharing Economy Index 2020

Most Sharing Economy-friendly Cities in the World.
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Consumer Innovation Manifesto

A plan for revamping consumer policies post-Coronavirus.
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European Railway Station Index 2020

Europe's Most Passanger-Friendly Railway Stations.
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Global Gene Editing Regulation Index

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The Consumer Case for Intellectual Property

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Myths and Facts on Vaping: What Policymakers Should Know

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Jak zadbać o bezpieczeństwo danych i prywatność konsumentów w erze 5G?

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Europe's Top 10 Airports: European Airport Index

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Supersonic Travel

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Why and How Britain Can Become a Biotech Powerhouse

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Brazil’s Barriers for a Digital Single Market - How to Prepare Brazil for a Digital Future

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How to Protect Consumer Privacy and Data Security in the Age of 5G?

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Policy Primer on “Smart Legalization” For Cannabis

By David Clement, Yaël Ossowski, Bill Wirtz, Fred Roeder
9 January 2019
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Benefits of Railway Competition: the Case of Italy

By Prof. Andrea Giuricin and Dr. Roberto Tosatti
6 December 2018
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Liberalising and Harmonising European Digital Markets

By Ryan Khurana and Luca Bertoletti
18 October 2018
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Policy Primer on Dental Care and Reform

By Yaël Ossowski
9 September 2018
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Questions for EP Candidates

In March, the Consumer Choice Center began reaching out to EP candidates from all member states to inquire about their views on consumer choice issues such as consumer privacy, cannabis legalisation, sharing economy, and brands.
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Consumer Views on Government Policies and Consumer Rights

In March 2019, a total of 8,166 adults in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Germany were asked about their views on government policies and consumer rights.

November 2018 Wisconsin Poll

On November 18-19, 2018, the Consumer Choice Center commissioned a survey conducted by Pulse Opinion Research on important healthcare and cannabis issues in the state of Wisconsin.
The full results and methodology can be found here.
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Arizona Voter Opinions on Consumer Issues

In February 2018, the Consumer Choice Center commissioned a survey conducted by OH Predictive Insights on voter opinions on consumer issues in the state of Arizona.
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Opinions of Canadians on consumer issues

In July 2017 , the Consumer Choice Center commissioned a survey conducted by Nanos on consumer issues in Canada.
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