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Amidst the ongoing cost of living crisis, a new threat looms over consumers’ lifestyles, known as the “fun police.” These advocates for neo-prohibitionist policies seek to restrict various pleasures, from alcohol and sugary drinks to nicotine products, using tactics like punitive taxation and outright bans. While they claim to protect citizens, their playbook traces back to 19th-century temperance movements, relying on flawed arguments and hyperbole. Backed by influential organizations, these prohibitionists have garnered significant support. The Consumer Choice Center is dedicated to exposing this network of neo-prohibitionist entities and their ideological motivations, aiming to inform the public and safeguard individual freedom and choices. Join us in the fight to protect your lifestyle choices.


Why do advocacy groups, such as Bloomberg Philanthropies, spend millions of dollars pushing for lifestyle restrictions, and how do they achieve political success by limiting your freedom and choice?

Our report contends that neo-prohibitionists employ moral arguments to cultivate a pervasive “culture of prohibition,” marked by corruption and coercion, employing three distinct strategies. The first involves framing lifestyle choices as catastrophes in need of intervention. The second strategy diminishes the private interests at play in prohibitionist policies through ethical appeals. The third approach seeks to sideline opponents of neo-prohibition by portraying them as malevolent or erecting legal barriers to their involvement in political discourse. The report elucidates these dynamics and the historical continuum between prohibition and neo-prohibition through a comparative analysis of two case studies, the United States and Russia, spanning from early modernity to the present day.


In a world grappling with a relentless cost of living crisis, a new adversary has emerged – the “fun police.” This five-part podcast series, “Unmasking Neo-Prohibitionists: The Fun Police Chronicles,” delves deep into the shadowy world of public health advocates who are pushing for neo-prohibitionist policies. These policies aim to restrict everything from alcohol and sugary drinks to nicotine use, using tactics like punitive taxation and outright bans. Despite their claims to protect citizens, their playbook has striking historical roots dating back to 19th-century temperance movements. In this series, we uncover their motivations, explore their powerful backers, and shed light on the tactics they employ to influence policy and public opinion.


Discover the hidden world of the “fun police” in our upcoming documentary, “The Fun Police Chronicles: Unmasking Neo-Prohibitionists.” Premiering in a special event in Warsaw on December 14th and later available on YouTube, this compelling film takes you on a journey into the shadowy realm of public health advocates pushing for neo-prohibitionist policies. From punitive taxation to outright bans, we unveil their tactics and motivations, tracing their historical roots back to 19th-century temperance movements. Join us as we expose their extensive network of organizations, their influential backers, and their connections to global institutions like the World Health Organization. By shedding light on the past and present, we empower you to engage in informed public debate and protect your freedom of choice. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the movement to unmask the “fun police” and defend your right to make your own choices.

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