Should Saskatchewan adopt a tax on soft drinks?

In case you missed it, a tax on sugary drinks is coming to Atlantic Canada, but could it also work in Saskatchewan?

Earlier this week, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador announced it was introducing a tax of 20 cents a litre on soft drink products in September 2022, a move that could bring in roughly $9 million a year in revenue to the province.

The concept of a soft drink tax is nothing new as several countries have either debated the idea or implemented a sugar tax or sweetened beverage tax (SBT), including the U.K., South Africa and Mexico.

Several U.S. states or cities have also introduced a levy on sugary drinks. However, some areas like Cook County, Ill. have repealed their taxes.

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Taxing Sugar and Salt Hurts the People it Aims to Help

By Thomas Walker Following the introduction by the British government of a tax on sugary carbonated drinks in April 2018, intended to improve public health and combat obesity in children, some campaigners have started calling for similar taxes on a wider range of products. NHS Chief Medical Officer Prof. Dame Sally Davies, described by the […]

Minority leaders in Philadelphia speak up against the soda tax

As the Consumer Choice Center has been keen to point out in several articles and campaigns, additional taxes and levies on sugary drinks end up being regressive and hurting the very people they aim to help: minorities and the poor. Now, minority leaders in Philadelphia, seeing the toll the taxes have had in their communities, […]

USA gegen WHO-Zuckersteuern

NOVO ARGUMENTE: Die Trump-Regierung blockiert innerhalb der Weltgesundheitsorganisation die Forderung nach einer Zuckersteuer. Gut so, denn eine solche Steuer ist paternalistisch und gegen die Armen gerichtet.

New Brunswick’s nutrition policy goes too far

NEW BRUNSWICK TELEGRAPH-JOURNAL: Earlier this month the New Brunswick government unveiled its new “Healthier School Food Environment” policy at a news conference in Fredericton. At the news conference, Health Minister Brian Kenny listed a long list of food items that will now be prohibited from being served, or sold, at school.

Trump administration blocks WHO from calling for sugar taxes

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: In a new report, the World Health Organization fails to endorse higher taxes on sugar in order to fight noncommunicable diseases. For the last two years, the U.N. body has been calling for even higher sugar taxes, which would lead to reduced consumption and therefore better overall public health. However, the WHO advocates are […]

Ending sugar protectionism will help boost small business and benefit consumers

This week in the nation’s capital, the House Agriculture Committee will decide the fate of various agricultural subsidies and food benefits for millions of Americans. The bill, H.R. 2, known as the Farm Bill, includes provisions on crop insurance, dairy prices, wetland conservation, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) adjustments, and dozens of other rules and […]

State wants to govern kids’ soda consumption

ONE NEWS NOW: Jeff Stier, senior fellow at the Consumer Choice Center, says what makes this bill worse is that the government has the science wrong.

Michael Bloomberg to Boost Nanny State Around the World

NEWSMAX: Former New York City mayor and known “public health advocate” Michael Bloomberg is composing a task force that will promote lifestyle regulations across the globe.

To tax or not to tax: The Great Sugar Debate

GLOBAL NEWS: LISTEN: North American Affairs Manager of the Consumer Choice Center and sugar tax opponent David Clement.

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