Sharing Economy Index 2022

True to our mission, the 2022 Consumer Choice Center Sharing Economy Index aims to provide consumers worldwide with concise and relevant information about the availability and accessibility of sharing economy services. In addition to previous entries, the 2022 Index features innovative ultrafast delivery apps, which have gained popularity in some parts of the world but are now facing regulatory hurdles.


The prolonged COVID-19 pandemic has put the brakes on economic activity in many sectors. The sharing economy is one of them. However, unlike traditional hospitality and delivery services, many of which have gone bankrupt, the sharing economy has managed to bounce back more effectively. The sharing economy’s success is mainly due to its high adaptability and competitive spirit. Ultra-fast delivery apps guarantee grocery delivery within 15 minutes and are a great example of the unlimited creativity intrinsic to the sharing economy.

The innovative nature of the sharing economy has led to its undeniable success and has helped it pass the test of crises like the coronavirus pandemic. Covid isolation would have been a nightmare without this vast array of services. These services may have seemed unessential to authorities; yet they provided previously unheard-of comfort at home. Imagine going through the pandemic in the ’90s, sitting at home without these companies!

As a global consumer advocacy group, we at the Consumer Choice Center believe that user choice is paramount. As such, services that create value for customers – be it Uber, Airbnb, ShareNow, e-scooters, or ultrafast delivery apps – should be endorsed and encouraged. For the sharing economy to thrive and buyers to prosper, policymakers should not try to hinder its growth through changes in labor market regulations.

Most sharing economy friendly cities

The Sharing Economy Index 2022 reflects our commitment to economic innovation in the interest of consumer freedom. It is our third and improved sharing economy index. In keeping with the idea of customer choice, it aims to rank some of the world’s most dynamic cities and provide a valuable buyers’ guide to available sharing economy services.

Overall the Sharing Economy Index includes ride-hailing services, flat-sharing services, e-scooters, carpooling (other than Blablacar), peer-to-peer car sharing/car rental, professional car sharing, gym sharing apps, and ultrafast delivery apps.

Most Friendly Cities

Least friendly cities

Benefits for consumers

The Sharing Economy Index provides a valuable overview of many of the services that consumers greatly enjoy. More is always better, and the availability of various sharing economy services ensures consumers can have plenty of choices wherever they go. Our Index gives you a glimpse into the myriad ways in which your stay in a particular city can be better.

The updated Index, therefore, helps consumers see what cities have succeeded in preserving the sharing economy throughout the pandemic and provides a handy guide to various services globally. 




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