Cannabis Legalization

Legalizing Cannabis for medical and recreational consumption has boosted consumer choice and successfully fought crime and black markets in several parts of North America. The Consumer Choice Center welcomes Cannabis legalization as a step towards more consumer choice and stresses the importance of a smart regulatory approach towards Cannabis legalization.

The CCC is active in the legalization debate in several US states, Canada, and Luxembourg. This includes coverage in The Globe and MailThe Toronto Star, Detroit News, and more.


CCC Testimony on Smart CBD Regulation

On May 31st, 2019, Consumer Choice Center Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski was invited to provide testimony to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on regulations for cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds such as CBD.

CCC Testifies at Canadian Senate on Cannabis Taxation

Our David Clement testified at the Canadian Senate Committee on National Finance about changes to the taxation of medical cannabis and excise taxes on edibles, extracts, and topicals.

CCC Testimony on Ontario’s Cannabis Rules

On October 12th, 2018 Consumer Choice Center’s David Clement testified at the Standing Committee on Social Policy to provide comment on Bill 36, which determined Ontario’s cannabis regulations. His comments were later quoted by Ontario’s Attorney General, leading to a change in the proposed leglislation.

Consumer Choice Center Makes Headlines and Promotes “Smart Legalization” in Luxembourg

During a three-day visit of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg in late April 2019, Consumer Choice Center staff met and held significant meetings with various policymakers from the ruling parties, opposition parties, community groups, labor unions, and religious leaders in order to provide lessons learned from the Canadian experience of legalizing cannabis.

Success Stories

Public cannabis consumption ban in Ontario was reversed

On Aug. 13, Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fideli announced the government’s plan for cannabis legalization. The keystone of the Progressive Conservatives’ policy was a reversal of the public retail monopoly model proposed by the former Liberal government, to instead opt for private retail province wide.

In order to disseminate the Consumer Choice Center’s position on why Ontario’s public consumption ban would have been detrimental to consumer choice, the CCC’s North American Affairs Manager David Clement published an op-ed in The Globe and Mail , which is largest printed newspapers in Canada. In his piece, he suggested either backpedalling on the ban or legalizing regulated consumption lounges.

On 26 September, Ontario reversed their decision to ban all public consumption for cannabis. This victory will contribute to the creation of a more equitable, just and consumer-friendly cannabis market in Ontario.


Cannabis Conclave

The Consumer Choice Center hosts a Cannabis Conclave in Davos, Switzerland on Thursday, January 24th, 2019. We want to use this event to fuel the legalization debate in Europe and show how legitimate and mature this industry in parts of North and South America already is.

Policy Primers

Policy Primer on “Smart Legalization” For Cannabis By David ClementYaël OssowskiBill WirtzFred Roeder Legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational consumption has boosted consumer choice and, at the same time, successfully deterred continued crime and black market activity in several parts of North America. The Consumer Choice Center welcomes cannabis legalization as a step towards more consumer choice, but stresses the importance of smart regulatory policy in each jurisdiction where it is considered.

Thanks to our experience in working on cannabis legalization in several U.S. States and Canada, we would like to share the following lessons and policy recommendations for the dozens of European, South American, Asian, and African countries now considering legalization of medical or recreational cannabis.


November 2018 Wisconsin Poll

On November 18-19, 2018, the Consumer Choice Center commissioned a survey conducted by Pulse Opinion Research on important healthcare and cannabis issues in the state of Wisconsin.

The full results and methodology can be found here.

Media Hits

Ontario cuts essential workplaces list to limit COVID-19 spread

The Ontario government ordered more workplaces closed — including bricks-and-mortar cannabis shops and some industrial construction sites — in a stepped up campaign to limit the spread of the coronavirus. “We can’t stop now,” Premier Doug Ford said Friday. “There’s 1,600 people out there who need us to do...

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Medical homegrowers are supplying the illicit market. Here’s why more policing isn’t the answer

The Consumer Choice Center’s David Clement explains how easing cannabis regulations could help personal growers enter the legal space In less than two years, cannabis has gone from an illegal product to an essential service during a pandemic. But despite reports of increased sales as consumers stockpile for COVID-19...

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BC should allow online recreational cannabis sales to protect consumers and staff

British Columbians should be allowed the same socially distant transaction options as other provinces Despite reports of “click-and-collect” services coming to B.C. retail, a recent provincial policy directive still requires customers to go in-store to pay for and pick up their weed. This new directive falls short of online...

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Group calls on provinces to ‘immediately remove barriers’ to same-day weed delivery

Delivery would make life easier on Canadians during coronavirus outbreak while helping stave off black market. The Consumer Choice Center (CCC) wants the rest of Canada’s provinces to join Saskatchewan and Manitoba in allowing the same-day delivery of cannabis. Self-described champions of lifestyle freedom and innovation, the group noted that...

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A Push for Smart Regulation of CBD

Encourage competition, safety, medical facts and eradication of the black market ARLINGTON, Va. — Flashy display cases, provocative brand names and lists of health benefits have elevated cannabidiol (CBD), a nonintoxicating compound found in cannabis, to be one of the hottest product trends today. Whether it be for health, pets...

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Level the cannabis ingesting field by legalizing consumption in commercial spaces

Basements and garages were once the only places you could consume cannabis in peace. But now, if the provincial consultation process advances the interests of consumers, millions of Ontario residents will be able to try some forms of the newly legal substance in licensed commercial settings, including bars, lounges and outdoor...

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Cannabis Conclave in Davos im Jahr 2020

Zum zweiten Mal in der Schweiz mit genauen Legalisierungsvorstellungen 2019 gab es eine Premiere auf dem Weltwirtschaftsforum in den Schweizer Gefilden um Davos. Menschen aus dem Cannabis-Business und Experten auf dem Gebiet luden zum geselligen Stelldichein ein und besprachen in exquisiter Atmosphäre die abgeschlossenen Entwicklungen und die Zukunft der Cannabis-Branche. Auch...

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Cannabis Conclave 2020 Dubbed The ‘Rebels Of Davos’

Last week, the Cannabis Conclave took place in Davos, Switzerland. The event was dubbed by some as the “rebellious side” of Davos. The Conclave was hosted by the Consumer Choice Center and Prohibition Partners. “The event featured industry leaders, investors and policy makers from over 25 different countries. The purpose of...

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Davos cannabis conclave advances cause for legalisation

The second annual, premier cannabis industry event – the Cannabis Conclave – returned to Davos this January to bring together industry leaders and policy makers. This year the Cannabis Conclave brought together cannabis industry executives, global investors, policy makers and international media to fuel the legalisation debate globally, both for recreational...

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NOBL Completes Series A Funding Round At Davos, Altitude Investment Management Among Round Participants

Cannabis data and consulting company NOBL said Thursday it finalized its Series A fundraise at Davos and capital support of £1.25 million ($1.64 million). Altitude Investment Management, Enexis AB and Artemis Growth Partners are some of the dominant cannabis investors who have supported the round. “Closing our Series A with the...

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Davos 2020 Cannabis Conclave: Uncovering The Future Of The European Market

Medical cannabis in Europe has slowly been gaining traction, but there are still a number of hurdles around regulation that has a lot of catching up to do. Speaking at the Cannabis Conclave event in Davos, Switzerland last week, Stephen Murphy of Prohibition Partners discussed medical cannabis policy and the importance...

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Cannabis Industry Gathers In Davos: ‘No Silver Bullet Gets Rid Of An Illegal Product’

The World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, took place this week and alongside the main event there was a cluster of small cozy cannabis gatherings hosted in the Alps. Switzerland is one of my favorite countries for a business trip and this week I experienced the ultimate luxury which...

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Pot Industry Heads to Davos as Stocks Rebound: Cannabis Weekly

Tough times in the cannabis industry aren’t stopping its leaders from going to Davos. For the second year in a row, there will be a Cannabis House in Davos, Switzerland this week alongside the schmoozing and speeches of the World Economic Forum. The 2020 offering promises to be “a little more...

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Het rebelse kantje van Davos

Cannabis, blockchain, gaming: in het ‘officiële’ programma van het World Economic Forum kom je die zaken niet snel tegen. Maar Davos heeft ook een scherper, meer gedurfd randje. Originally published here.

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Cannabis Conclave Returning To Davos: Meet Benzinga At The Event

The Cannabis Conclave is returning to Davos on Jan. 23, alongside the World Economic Forum. The Conclave, which is hosted by the Consumer Choice Center and Prohibition Partners, is an industry event that seeks to connect industry leaders, investors and policy makers. The purpose of the event is to advance...

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What NZ can learn from Canada’s cannabis experiment

New Zealand and Canada, despite being 13,000 kilometres apart, have a lot in common. Both countries are small in terms of population, punch above their weight economically, and are politically compassionate. If New Zealand votes to legalise cannabis in 2020, that will be one more similarity that these two...

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Banning Cannabis Vape May Lead to Bigger Black Market Problem, Warns Consumer Choice Center

The Consumer Choice Center says the province’s cannabis vape ban is a dangerous mistake. The provincial government on Wednesday announced that it is not going to allow the sale of cannabis vape products in Newfoundland and Labrador – at least for the time-being. David Clement of the Consumer Choice...

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Cannabis Conclave Returns To Davos in 2020

The Cannabis Conclave, a premier cannabis industry event, will be returning to Davos on January 23rd, 2020. Washington, DC, Dec. 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Consumer Choice Center is pleased to announce that the Cannabis Conclave will be returning to Davos, Switzerland on January 23, 2020. The Cannabis Conclave was first...

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Consumer Group Says Open Up Cannabis Market

A consumer advocacy group is concerned with the Higgs government’s requests for proposal for a single operator to take over Cannabis NB. David Clement, North American affairs manager for Consumer Choice Centre, says the government is taking away any chance of healthy competition and entrepreneurship and should use the Alberta...

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Now Is the Time: Congressional Legalization of Cannabis Will Unite a Polarized Nation

CONTACT:Yaël OssowskiDeputy DirectorConsumer Choice [email protected] Now Is the Time: Congressional Legalization of Cannabis Will Unite a Polarized Nation Washington, D.C. –  The eyes of the nation are on the U.S. Capitol this week as millions are tuning in to the impeachment hearings of President Donald Trump. There is plenty...

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Therapeutic CBD oil doesn’t belong under restrictive Cannabis Act

The federal election is behind us, and all Canadians are probably pretty thankful for that. That said, in what was arguably Canada’s most irritating, and cynical, election, no one spoke about Canada’s cannabis market. The opposition parties did not take aim at the Liberals for their mistakes, nor did the...

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Ontario to allow cannabis retailers to sell online and over the phone

Cannabis retailers will soon be able to sell products online or over the phone for in-store pick-up as the Ontario government adopts a “click-and-connect” sales model to expand access to legal marijuana. Finance Minister Rod Phillips announced the proposed changes in the government’s fall economic statement Wednesday, saying they...

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Cannabis Plant

The green rush is already here and we need smart cannabis policy to direct it

This week, 60 Minutes ran a report on the failure of cannabis policy in California, specifically the marijuana-rich region of the Emerald Triangle. Though California legalized cannabis beginning in 2017, the region has created a special conundrum for law enforcement and regulators. The northwestern region of the state, with...

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$1.1 billion worth of cannabis sold in Canada’s first year of legalization

One year after the legalization of recreational cannabis, Cannabis Benchmarks, a company that tracks cannabis prices, estimates that Canadian licensed producers have sold approximately 1.1 billion dollars worth of pot in the past 12 months, the equivalent to 105,000 kilograms—enough to fill almost two rail freight cars. According to Statistics Canada,...

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What should consumers know about cannabis edibles?

In the second season of the Netflix series Rotten, there is an entire episode exploring the world of cannabis edibles. It is highly recommended. The documentary itself does a great job uncovering the latest innovations, the legal hurdles, and many questions left for consumers who want to try cannabis...

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Opinion: The Liberals are blowing smoke with claim they ‘wiped out’ half of illegal cannabis market

Opinion: About 80% of all cannabis bought in Canada is being purchased on the illegal market, far from the 50% figure claimed The federal election is just a few months away, which means Canadians are going to be bombarded with claims from the government about its apparent successes, while...

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Luxembourg to be first European country to legalise cannabis

Two representatives of the Consumer Choice Centre, a US-based NGO, travelled to Luxembourg in April to offer their advice on legislation. One area of contention is whether to ban the use of cannabis in public, which risks discriminating against tenants and people of limited means. The officials recommended allowing...

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Quick and smart fixes for Canada’s cannabis mess

Curbing the black market for cannabis is something that everyone should endorse, regardless of their view on legalization. It is far better to have consumers purchasing cannabis legally, as opposed to having them buy the product illegally, from sources possibly tied to organized crime. Unfortunately, new data from Statistics Canada shows...

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Legal weed is a lot more expensive than your dealer: Statistics Canada

“The data from Stats Can is troubling, because it shows that the legal market is getting less competitive over time,” said David Clement, the North American affairs manager at Consumer Choice Center. “Luckily there are some simple solutions that could be enacted to help the legal market compete when...

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The price isn’t right for legal pot says consumer group

“It’s time to re-evaluate the taxes on cannabis,” according to a Toronto-based North American consumer affairs group. The Consumer Choice Center said the growing gap in price between legal cannabis and illegal pot shows that it’s time to re-evaluate cannabis taxes. Earlier this week, Statistics Canada released data on...

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Legal Cannabis in Canada is More Expensive than the Black Market

“The taxes and fees create prices that are high out of the gate, and then a lack of competition prevents those prices from being slowly pushed down,” David Clement, the North American affairs manager for the Consumer Choice Center, told CBC Radio-Canadaat the time. “It costs half a billion [over...

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Continued cap on pot shops draws criticism

The Ford government’s decision to hold a second lottery for retail cannabis store licences is drawing a mixed review from the Consumer Choice Centre. The centre said it is pleased Ontario plans to open another 50 stores, on top of the 25 operating across the province now, but criticized the decision...

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Could CBD Be Snatched From Traditional Retailers?

Yael Ossowski, deputy director of the Consumer Choice Center, described himself as being “on the side of consumers” and called for the FDA to set some standards and regulations but also “allow companies and brands to exist. That’s the only way consumers can differentiate between good products and bad...

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Health Canada’s new grow-ready demand could squash entry of micros into the cannabis space

Also likely to take a hit are consumers. The U.S.-headquartered Consumer Choice Center (CCC) argues the new licensing process will hurt consumers. “This move is a significant blow for Canada’s cannabis market, especially cannabis consumers nationwide,” David Clement, the CCC’s Toronto-based North American affairs manager, says in a statement. “The...

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Health Canada shows, again, that it can’t properly regulate cannabis

Just this week, Health Canada announced that it would be making significant changes to the process for approving licensed producer (LP) applications. Specifically, it stated that all new applications will have to have a fully built and regulatory compliant facility at the time of their application. Health Canada has...

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The Unlikely Saving Grace of British Cannabis

The global crusade against cannabis is finally beginning to falter. As the attitudes of citizens and lawmakers alike begin to soften, the prospects of full legalisation have gone from a stoner’s pipe-dream (if you’ll pardon the pun) to very feasible in only a couple of years. With a fifth...

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Légalisation du cannabis à des fins médicales ou récréatives

Suite à l’annonce en décembre 2018 du gouvernement luxembourgeois de procéder à légalisation de la vente et de la consommation du cannabis à des fins médicales ou récréatives, le LCGB a rencontré le groupe de travail international Consumer Choice Center (CCC) en date du 25 avril 2019. En tant...

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Préparation à la légalisation du cannabis au Grand-Duché

La conférence concernant les recommandations accompagnant le processus de légalisation du cannabis au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, donnée par le Consumer Choice Center (CCC) vient d’avoir lieu. Ce CCC défend les droits des consommateurs dans plus de 100 pays avec pour mission de les informer et les encourager à se...

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Cannabis au Luxembourg : « Éviter les erreurs du Canada »

Des représentants canadiens de l’Agence pour le choix du consommateur sont venus à Luxembourg pour aider les décideurs politiques à faire les bons choix en matière de légalisation du cannabis. Membres de la direction de l’ONG Consumer Choice Center (l’Agence pour le choix du consommateur, ou CCC), David Clement...

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Lobby organisation hopes to promote “intelligent legalisation” in Luxembourg

According to the government’s coalition agreement, the legalisation of recreational cannabis is due to occur within the next five years. The Consumer Choice Center is a US lobbying body which lobbies the freedoms, rights, and interests of consumers. In its own words, the organisation “empowers consumers to promote science, choice, and freedom...

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Luxemburg auf dem Weg zur Legalisierung: Lobby fordert verbessertes kanadisches Modell

Auf dem Weg zur Legalisierung von medizinischem und rekreativem Cannabis könnte sich die Regierung am kanadischen Modell inspirieren. Vertreter des Consumer Choice Center (CCC) besuchen derzeit Luxemburg. Die Lobbyisten wollen Entscheidern aus Politik und Gesellschaft das kanadische Modell vorstellen – und dafür werben, dass keine hohen Steuern auf Marihuana-Produkte...

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