supersonic travel

Air travel experiences are in constant flux.  We often see the biggest change in the technology, the area of safety, and the expectations of passengers. More consumers are travelling by plane than ever before, connecting people, friends and families across long distances. The Consumer Choice Center applauds the availability of air transport as a connector for everyone. As innovation progresses, we also see innovative types of aircraft hitting the market, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing costs for consumers and airlines.

One such area is supersonic travel, which has made considerable advancements since its alleged technological end in 2003. New aircraft have better fuel efficiency and are less noisy than early models, and could revolutionise intercontinental air travel.



Different flight routes require different types of aircraft. Supersonic planes would revolutionise intercontinental air travel with increased speed. Certain supersonic models would be able to reach speeds up to 2,300 km/h, which represents 2.5 times the speed of today’s commercial airliners.

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