World’s Best Five-Star Hotels 2021

World's Best Five-Star Hotels to stay in during a Global Pandemic

The year 2020 was probably one of the worst for the global travel and tourism industry. But also consumers were hit hard by the pandemic. Unfortunately, 2021 did not bring back travel as we know it: Ongoing travel restrictions, on-arrival quarantines, and dedicated quarantine hotels limit our choice when it comes to travel. Mandatory quarantine hotels and PCR-tests lead to increased costs for international travel while limited connectivity reduces our choice of where to go.


We created this index in collaboration with the travel tech company Eddy Travels in order to suggest which luxury hotels are the best to stay in case you are either stuck in one country (imagine you are a UK-resident who can’t travel back home from a red-listed country) or who plan to sit out the pandemic in a hotel.
We put a large emphasis on how hotels have adapted to the new realities and public health requirements and looked at what they do in order to keep their guests safe.
As always: An index comes with limitations which we mention further below.
This index follows our series of travel indices we published over the past few years including the European Index on Most Passenger-friendly Airports, best European Railway Stations, and the Global Sharing Economy Index.

TOP 10

Where are they?

More than 50% of all Top100 hotels are in Europe and 12 of them in Spain. The Middle East comes second with 18 hotels and 11 of them in Turkey. Merely 2 hotels from the United States made it into the Top100 of this ranking.



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