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Today’s diesel vehicles are cleaner, quieter and perform on par or better than their gasoline counterparts. The improvements result from the availability of cleaner fuels and the use of advanced technologies, including electronic controls, common rail fuel injection, turbocharging, sound dampening and exhaust emission reduction components.” (Natural Resources Canada)

“Diesel is critical to reducing CO2emissions, which in turn is tackling climate change – diesel cars emit, on average, 20% lower CO2 than petrol equivalents. In fact, since 2002, diesel cars have saved 3.5 million tonnes of CO2 from going into the atmosphere.” (SMMT)

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The lasting effects of the Diesel controversy

Emissions and costs of this debate have been weigh on consumers… I was recently reminded of the effects of the long-lasting Diesel controversy on a trip to the Netherlands. The city centre of Amsterdam is a restricted traffic zone for certain types of engines, for the purpose of protecting...

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Consumer Choice Center Positionspapier zu Diesel – Verboten

Das Consumer Choice Center verfolgt mit Sorge die Entwicklung von Diesel-Verboten in ganz Deutschland. Viel zu oft werden die Debatten mit zu viel Aufregung und falschen Informationen geführt, was schlussendlich nicht nur zu weniger Wahlfreiheit der Verbraucher führt, sondern auch zu weniger Umwelt- und Gesundheitsschutz. Dieselfahrzeuge sind in den vergangenen Monaten nach dem Abgasskandal bei […]

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Scrap the Diesel car ban

Bill Wirtz says that rather than tightening restrictions on Diesel cars we should be relaxing them.   A court in Wiesbaden ruled last week that local authorities in Frankfurt must ban older diesel cars as part of efforts to clean up air quality. Much like earlier bans in cities like Stuttgart, the ban is taking […]

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City of Hamburg receives BAN Award for Diesel bans

The City of Hamburg, Germany receives the May 2018 BAN Award for being the first city banning certain Diesel cars from some of its main streets. The Consumer Choice Center’s Managing Director Fred Roeder explains that only a few municipal governments have managed to discriminate that many consumers at once: “Over 200,000 local Diesel drivers […]

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Wo bleibt die Wahlfreiheit der Verbraucher?

THE EUROPEAN: In einem wegweisenden Urteil hat das Bundesverwaltungsgericht diese Woche entschieden, dass Städte das Recht haben, Dieselfahrzeuge zu verbieten.

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