modernization of alcohol laws

The Consumer Choice Center stands for modernization of alcohol laws. 

Our goal is to promote smarter regulations on alcohol that will best promote consumer choice.

The primary tools by which we’ve spread this message include written opinion articles in major media, press releases, social media campaigns and graphics, radio and TV interviews, organization of grassroots events, and written submissions to governmental authorities.

We’ve heard from consumers that want sensible alcohol reform, want to remove liquor monopolies, lower taxes on alcohol, and want to open up the market so more people can enjoy new craft spirits, beers, and wines.

Overall, we advocate for reforms and modernization that will lower alcohol prices and promote responsible alcohol consumption.

Important points:

  • Allow brand freedom so companies to use marketing to inform consumers about their products
  • End state monopolies on alcohol sales
  • Shut down wasteful local liquor control boards in favor of single state licenses for alcohol sales
  • Allow the online sale and shipping of alcohol across state lines
  • Allow home delivery of beer, wine, and spirits
  • Remove caps on beer brewers’ ability to distribute without wholesalers
  • Allow alcohol tasting rooms at breweries and distilleries
  • Allow on-site sales at breweries and distilleries
  • Alcohol consumption recommendations that follow science and allow for lifestyle freedom




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How Neo-Prohibitionists Came to Shape Alcohol Policy

IN JANUARY 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) dropped a bombshell-they announced there was “no safe level”1 of alcohol consumption. For the past five years, the WHO has been treating light alcohol consumption as a grave public health emergency. It seems a surprising priority for the world’s premier health organization-until a...

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Ottawa should follow Ontario’s lead and freeze beer taxes

On Friday, the province of Ontario announced it is freezing the 4.6 per cent scheduled increase in beer taxes, and will hold off on any tax increases until 2026. This is great news for beer drinkers in Ontario, but because of similar policies at the federal level, the national...

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Raising the Minimum Unit Price on Alcohol is Harmful for Everyone

London (UK), 7 February 2024 -The Consumer Choice Center (CCC), a global advocacy group championing individual freedom and consumer choice, is alarmed by the latest plan of the Scottish Government to raise the minimum pricing on alcohol by 30%. It is not a sensible economic measure, and the policy will...

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‘We raise our glass to you, Virginia’: Group applauds new approach to beer delivery

A Richmond-based consumer advocacy group is applauding Virginia for a new approach to beer regulation and delivery. The recent budget passed by Virginia’s General Assembly allocates funding for the creation of a Virginia Beer Distribution Company, or VBDC. The VBDC will be a branch of the state’s Department of...

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Consumer Choice Center Raises a Glass to Virginia’s New Chapter for Beer Distribution

RICHMOND, VA  — The Consumer Choice Center (CCC) enthusiastically welcomes a recent development in Virginia’s approach to beer regulation, marked by the recent signing of the state budget by Governor Glenn Youngkin. This budget allocates funding for the creation of the Virginia Beer Distribution Co. (VBDC), a branch of...

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Unmasking the Fun Police

A lot has already been discussed regarding the Centre for Substance Use and Addiction’s (CCSA) report that recommends drastic changes to health guidelines for alcohol.1 Experts from the International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research (ISFAR) called it “a pseudo-scientific amalgamation of selected studies of low scientific validity that fit their...

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Consumers need alcohol facts, not misleading warnings

Last month, on World No Tobacco Day, federal Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Carolyn Bennett announced on Twitter that Canada would become the first country in the world to mandate that each individual cigarette sold carry a warning label, mirroring what consumers already see on the front of the...

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Anti-alcohol extremists should not determine alcohol policy

It is increasingly clear that the temperance lobby is increasing its influence both globally and domestically Since last August, when the Canadian Centre for Substance Use and Abuse (CSSA) published its updated alcohol guidelines, telling Canadians that having more than two drinks per week is a problem, alcohol policy...

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‘Nip’ ban proposal should be thrown in the trash

Earlier this week, local Joplin businessman Jon Thomas Buck proposed that the Joplin City Council ban the sale and distribution of mini bottles of liquor. Buck wants Joplin to follow the “nip ban” as adopted in the Boston area. When asked about the proposal, Buck said, “We all know...

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No good justification for banning nips in Boston

Early in March, Boston city councilor Ricardo Arroyo filed a motion to ban the sale and distribution of  mini bottles of liquor, aka nips.  Arroyo wants Boston to follow the nip ban as adopted in Newton, Chelsea, Falmouth, Wareham and Mashpee. When asked about the proposal, Arroyo said the...

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Ireland’s unilateral decision on mandatory alcohol labels sets a bad precedent for the EU’s Single Market

Minor wine and beer companies operate with thin profit margins and cannot afford the extra costs of complying with Irish rules on the one hand while maintaining their foothold in the European industry on the other, writes Emil Panzaru The European Commission’s passive reaction to upcoming Irish alcohol labels...

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Avertissements sanitaires obligatoires sur l’alcool : les nouvelles règles de l’Irlande ne sont qu’un début. Le gouvernement irlandais avance dans son projet d’apposer des étiquettes d’avertissement sanitaire obligatoires sur les boissons alcoolisées telles que le vin et la bière. Ce mois-ci, la période d’objection de la Commission européenne concernant les...

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Harm reduction, not zero-risk, is the best alcohol policy

Stigmatizing moderate, low-risk drinking isn’t a viable public health strategy Since the Centre for Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) released its new alcohol guidelines in August, headline after headline has repeated its claim that anything more than two drinks per week is seriously bad for your health. The shifting of the goalposts...

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Alcohol labeling and ban: Ireland in the dark path of Lithuania

European Union member states are busy regulating alcohol use and limiting consumer choice even though historically, it has shown that bans and limitations on use have had the opposite effect as had been intended. There are two recent examples of strict alcohol regulations, both coming from countries where alcohol...

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Temperance makes a comeback

Dramatic shift in alcohol consumption guidelines could undermine the ultimate goal of harm reduction More than 100 years ago temperance organizations promoting total abstention from alcohol and ultimately prohibition were a force to be reckoned with in Canada. Luckily for Canadians, sanity ultimately won out and alcohol was legalized...

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More consumers reaching for alcohol-free beer, wines and spirits

Various studies over the past two years have shown that there was a worldwide increase in alcohol consumption during the pandemic because many people were worried and stressed as they self-isolated due to COVID-19. But now, it appears there is a new trend happening as sales statistics show there...

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Canada is repealing the excise tax on non-alcoholic beer

Non-alcoholic beer has been subject to federal excise taxes despite not containing virtually any alcohol at all.  Our North American Affairs Manager, David Clement pointed out several problems with this tax and was invited to meet with the Ministry of Finance to explain the arguments against the tax. For...

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Voilà l’alcool de nouveau attaqué pour ses effets sur la santé. Cette fois-ci par une commission du Parlement européen, qui le lie à un grand nombre de cancers. Les propositions pour limiter les choix des consommateurs se multiplient en réponse… Au sein de la « Commission pour battre le...

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Should dealcoholized beer be taxed the same as regular beer?

Beer is one of those products that gets heavily taxed however should that mean the tax should be equal between alcoholic and dealcoholized beer? Listen to the interview here

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Steuerwettbewerb und Verbraucherschutz

Staaten stehen in einer gewissen Konkurrenz zueinander. Zwar ist der Handel kein Nullsummenspiel und Handelskriege, Zöller und andere Beschränkungen daher kontraproduktiv. Dennoch lässt sich nicht leugnen, dass verschiedene Regulierungsmöglichkeiten zu besseren, oder schlechteren Ergebnissen führen. So ist derjenige Staat, der seinen Bürgern und Unternehmen weniger Steuern aufbürdet tendenziell wettbewerbsfähiger,...

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Ottawa should kill its tax on booze-free beer

Before the pandemic, while at a Blue Jays game, my head turned when a patron at the bar ordered a non-alcoholic beer. At first, I thought this might just be a new hipster fad, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Non-alcoholic beer isn’t only for designated drivers or...

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Western Standard

No reason to toast federal tax on non-alcoholic beer

Across the board, we should expect better from Ottawa, and the tax on non-alcoholic beer is yet another example of where they’ve gotten it wrong. Sin-taxes, across all sectors, are fairly excessive in Canada. At almost every turn the government sinks its tax teeth into the process of you...

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Ending liquor monopoly in Ontario would be win-win-win

Rethinking the LCBO could save taxpayers a tremendous amount of money Ontario is teetering on the edge of a fiscal cliff. Under its previous Liberal government, the province became the most indebted sub-sovereign unit in the world. Unfortunately, poor policy-making and the COVID-19 pandemic have only worsened its situation. Ontario’s debt...

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Make it closing time for Ontario’s beer monopoly

The Beer Store is an institution built on a toxic mix of prohibition and cronyism News broke this month that The Beer Store (TBS), Ontario’s monopoly beer-seller, is losing money and lots of it. According to its annual financial statement, TBS operated at a $50.7 million loss in 2020....

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Bar owners call on province to sell them cheaper booze

Ontario’s hard-hit hospitality industry is urging the province to give licensed bars and restaurants a reduced price on alcohol. A new change.org petition started by David Ouellette, beverage director at the highly anticipated Vela (by Amanda Bradley of Alo and Robin Goodfellow of Bar Raval), opening this spring, asks for an...

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With Illinois lawmakers back to work in a lame-duck session, one of the issues at the top of their to-do list is getting Illinois’ act together when it comes to home delivery of beer, wine and spirits. According to a piece at Patch.com, the Illinois House Executive Committee forwarded a...

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Bitter taste of alcohol ban

Fitch Solutions expects South Africa’s alcohol industry to contract more than 5% following months on the ban on the sale of alcohol during COVID-19 lockdown regulations. Fitch said its revised alcoholic drinks consumption forecast for 2020 takes into account the impact of COVID-19 measures on both the supply and...

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THS The History Society

US Prohibition: The Noble Experiment?

Podcast by The History Society Prohibition in the United States was dubbed the “Noble Experiment”. For 13  long, dry, and dreary years, the government aimed to keep alcohol out of the hands of its citizens, creating a litany of unintended consequences that continue to have an impact today. In this...

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Business Day

Prohibition has never and will never lead to smokers quitting

SA should learn from Australian tobacco policy failures, and stick to education rather than over-regulation It is now beyond clear that SA’s continued ban on tobacco-related products has been a total disaster in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The government loses R35m in tax revenue every day, and...

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African Liberty

Blatant Tobacco Sales Bans are Terrible for Public Health

Al Capone is one of the most infamous criminals in history. Countless books and movies have elevated his name to a level that even during his lifetime, few imagined possible. His crime-syndicate, the “Chicago Outfit” fought bloody gang wars over the production and supply of illegal alcohol. The United...

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Yes Weekly

Consumers and Bar/Restaurant Owners say “YES” to HB 536

The Consumer Choice Center endorses a safe and timely return to business for areas with a lower risk for coronavirus outbreak Raleigh, N.C. – Yesterday, the NC State Senate passed HB 536, the bill intended to safely re-open bars and restaurants in accordance with the guidelines set by both...

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New York, Texas Ease Alcohol Delivery Law Amid COVID-19 Crisis

MOST STATES DON’T ALLOW CONSUMERS TO PURCHASE ALCOHOL ONLINE FOR DELIVERY. Around the country, law against alcohol delivery are strict, which presents an interesting situation given the mass social isolation from the COVID-19 outbreak.  According to Consumer Choice Center, Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Nebraska, and New Hampshire are the only...

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No crisis unused: Eurocare argues for a ban on alcohol sponsorship in sports

While the world is battling the Coronavirus crisis, the European Alcohol Policy Alliance (EUROCARE) is facing a different goliath: alcohol sponsorship… in sports? A head-scratcher of sorts, especially given that the sports industry will fall on hard times this year if COVID-19 drags on. With cancelled events and games,...

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COVID-19 and craft beer: Normally only 12 states allow delivery of all alcohol. Why is that?

COVID-19 has exposed many holes in America’s state alcohol laws. Maryland just suspended its shortsighted craft beer carryout purchase limits because it only legally allowed one case per customer. The likes of Colorado, California and even Texas are allowing bars and restaurants now to sell alcohol to-go, which is not normally...

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When we’re back to normal: Free up spirits sales

Prince Edward Island made an international stir on Thursday by closing its liquor and cannabis stores on the grounds they were not providing essential services and therefore should be shuttered in the face of the pandemic. That may well have been the right decision. But it likely caused millions...

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Pregnancy health warning labels are biased and flawed

When I was in the 7th form, our biology teacher showed us a smoker’s lung model followed by a brief explanation of the negative effects of smoking. But the model of the damaged lungs itself was enough to educate me, a 13-year-old, about the health consequences I would have...

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N.C. ABC stores remain open throughout state; liquor delivery not an option

N.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control stores remain open throughout the state, although many staff members within the ABC system are working from home. The stores have established new protocols to minimize direct contact between the public and staff working on site, Jeff Strickland, ABC spokesman, said in an email. “Our...

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Stuck at home? We should be able to have our alcohol delivered

This week, millions of Americans will be following the advice of their public health agencies and staying home to prevent the further spread of the novel coronavirus. Where possible, many will have food and drinks delivered to help support the thousands of restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores that have...

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Supreme Court Makes the Right Decision on Modernizing Alcohol Laws

CONTACT: Yaël Ossowski Deputy Director @YaelOss yael@consumerchoicecenter.org Washington, D.C. – In a 7-2 decision handed down yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Tennesse law that prohibits new state residents from obtaining liquor licenses. The law required a two-year residency in the state before applicants could apply for...

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Last Call should be extended for all consumers, not just politicians

CONTACT:Yaël OssowskiDeputy Director@YaelOssyael@consumerchoicecenter.org Last Call should be extended for all consumers, not just politicians Charlotte, NC – Yesterday it was reported that North Carolina Republicans have introduced a provision that would allow bars, clubs, and restaurants to stay open until 4 AM during the 2020 Republican National Convention. Consumer Choice Center Deputy...

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OPINION: Craft Beer Law a Win for Consumer Choice, But We Need More Alcohol Reform

Consumer Choice Center Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski applauded the move but said more needs to be done for true alcohol reform in North Carolina. “This new law will allow breweries to expand and ship more product across the state, giving North Carolina consumers greater access to their favorite craft...

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More Toronto grocery stores will soon be carrying booze

David Clement, Toronto-based North American Affairs Manager of the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), said that the announcement is a step in the right direction. “The move helps underserved regions, while maxing out the amount of grocery stores allowed under the Master Framework Agreement (MFA). It is positive to see...

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Two big victories for consumer choice and modernized alcohol policy

The warm months are delivering some great news when it comes to increased consumer choice and modernized alcohol policy across North America. ONTARIO The first success story comes from the Canadian province of Ontario, where Premier Doug Ford has announced the end of the province’s exclusive contract with The...

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More LCBO ‘agency stores’ to open

The latest move by the Ford government is being met with praise by the Consumer’s Choice Centre. Northern American Affairs Manager David Clement said this agreement signals the provincial government is going to take steps to increase consumer access and choice. “This is a positive policy from our perspective,”...

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Almost 300 more Ontario stores to be allowed to sell alcohol, province says

David Clement, of the Consumer Choice Center, praised the expansion announced Thursday, saying consumers across the province would appreciate more access to alcoholic drinks over the summer months.

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Don’t blame Doug Ford for the costs of breaking unfair beer retailing contracts

Opinion: We should blame politicians who set up and maintained a system that has both inconvenienced and overcharged consumers for nearly a century. A lot has changed in the last 92 years, but Ontario’s alcohol policy is one thing that has remained largely the same. Following the repeal of...

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End North Carolina’s archaic monopoly on liquor sales

When it comes to alcohol policy, North Carolina is more an outlier than exemplar. Though ours is among 17 states with an alcohol control system, where the state retains monopoly control of part of the alcohol trade, it stands out as one of the most restrictive. Private liquor stores are banned, prices are fixed, and […]

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The Beer Store Is Flat Out Wrong on Consumer Choice

Toronto, ON —On February 1st, Ontario’s public consultation on alcohol policy officially closed. The Ford Government sought out feedback on how Ontario could modernize its alcohol market. Unfortunately, some entities, like The Beer Store, have actively pushed back against increased consumer access. The Beer Store’s President Ted Moroz recently argued that if the province allows for beer […]

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How Doug Ford can modernize Ontario’s alcohol market

Doug Ford has built his brand on putting the people, who are ultimately consumers, first. Refining Ontario’s alcohol market was a priority for Doug Ford on the campaign trail. He proudly proclaimed that convenience stores provincewide should be able to sell beer and wine. Since taking office, he’s reduced minimum pricing on beer, cancelled an […]

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Eighty-Five years since prohibition, but have we learnt anything?

This Wednesday was a special day. In the Netherlands, Dutch children celebrated the coming of Sinterklaas (along with his controversial helper Zwarte Piet). Walt Disney would have celebrated his 117th birthday. It was also world soil day, apparently. But the 5th of December 2018 also marked a particularly special anniversary: the end of prohibition in the United States. Eighty-five years ago, […]

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