modernization of alcohol laws

The Consumer Choice Center stands for modernization of alcohol laws. 

Our goal is to promote smarter regulations on alcohol that will best promote consumer choice.

The primary tools by which we’ve spread this message include written opinion articles in major media, press releases, social media campaigns and graphics, radio and TV interviews, organization of grassroots events, and written submissions to governmental authorities.

We’ve heard from consumers that want sensible alcohol reform, want to remove liquor monopolies, lower taxes on alcohol, and want to open up the market so more people can enjoy new craft spirits, beers, and wines.

Overall, we advocate for reforms and modernization that will lower alcohol prices and promote responsible alcohol consumption.

Important points:

  • Allow brand freedom so companies to use marketing to inform consumers about their products
  • End state monopolies on alcohol sales
  • Shut down wasteful local liquor control boards in favor of single state licenses for alcohol sales
  • Allow the online sale and shipping of alcohol across state lines
  • Remove caps on beer brewers’ ability to distribute without wholesalers
  • Allow alcohol tasting rooms at breweries and distilleries
  • Allow on-site sales at breweries and distilleries



Media Hits

Supreme Court Makes the Right Decision on Modernizing Alcohol Laws

CONTACT: Yaël Ossowski Deputy Director @YaelOss [email protected] Washington, D.C. – In a 7-2 decision handed down yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Tennesse law that prohibits new state residents from obtaining liquor licenses. The law required a two-year residency in the state before applicants could apply for...

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Last Call should be extended for all consumers, not just politicians

CONTACT:Yaël OssowskiDeputy [email protected]@consumerchoicecenter.org Last Call should be extended for all consumers, not just politicians Charlotte, NC – Yesterday it was reported that North Carolina Republicans have introduced a provision that would allow bars, clubs, and restaurants to stay open until 4 AM during the 2020 Republican National Convention. Consumer Choice Center Deputy...

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OPINION: Craft Beer Law a Win for Consumer Choice, But We Need More Alcohol Reform

Consumer Choice Center Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski applauded the move but said more needs to be done for true alcohol reform in North Carolina. “This new law will allow breweries to expand and ship more product across the state, giving North Carolina consumers greater access to their favorite craft...

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More Toronto grocery stores will soon be carrying booze

David Clement, Toronto-based North American Affairs Manager of the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), said that the announcement is a step in the right direction. “The move helps underserved regions, while maxing out the amount of grocery stores allowed under the Master Framework Agreement (MFA). It is positive to see...

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Two big victories for consumer choice and modernized alcohol policy

The warm months are delivering some great news when it comes to increased consumer choice and modernized alcohol policy across North America. ONTARIO The first success story comes from the Canadian province of Ontario, where Premier Doug Ford has announced the end of the province’s exclusive contract with The...

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More LCBO ‘agency stores’ to open

The latest move by the Ford government is being met with praise by the Consumer’s Choice Centre. Northern American Affairs Manager David Clement said this agreement signals the provincial government is going to take steps to increase consumer access and choice. “This is a positive policy from our perspective,”...

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Almost 300 more Ontario stores to be allowed to sell alcohol, province says

David Clement, of the Consumer Choice Center, praised the expansion announced Thursday, saying consumers across the province would appreciate more access to alcoholic drinks over the summer months.

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Don’t blame Doug Ford for the costs of breaking unfair beer retailing contracts

Opinion: We should blame politicians who set up and maintained a system that has both inconvenienced and overcharged consumers for nearly a century. A lot has changed in the last 92 years, but Ontario’s alcohol policy is one thing that has remained largely the same. Following the repeal of...

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