Consumer Innovation Manifesto 2020

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The Consumer Innovation Manifesto lays out a comprehensive plan for revamping consumer policies post-Coronavirus. As the crisis unfolds, consumers are faced with a multitude of challenges, ranging from the daily commute (transport) to connectivity (digital), access to fast-moving consumer goods (lifestyle & trade), as well as the acquisition of life-saving drugs (health & science). The Consumer Choice Center has made these four areas its core principles for the defence of consumer choice.

The Consumer Innovation Manifesto suggests key regulatory changes that improve consumer well-being post-Coronavirus, partially by cementing in those rules that have been temporarily disabled. Overall, we believe that all rules and regulations that have been put on hold temporarily need to be opened for review.Here you will find an overview of the specific policy changes that we suggest to relaunch consumer confidence, boost the economy, and to usher in a new age of consumer choice. 

We urge policy-makers to get on board with these vital changes, and offer our support when it comes to making changes precise and effective.



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