Digital Single Market

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is well underway, and the member states of the European Union have fallen behind China and the United States in developing the necessary infrastructure to fully leverage its potential. The strength of the EU is its diversity of cultures and languages, but in the case of innovation, this diversity is proving to be a barrier to scaling new developments. While trade in goods may be high, digital trade remains limited by lack of harmonisation in digital markets, and the interventions of certain states that make investment more cumbersome.

Failing to make the necessary investments to develop a 21st Century digital infrastructure in time will put the EU at a competitive disadvantage in global markets, hampering economic growth for the foreseeable future. At the foundation of technologies such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things, which promise huge gains in productivity, is the need for robust digital infrastructures and the accessibility of next generation bandwidth technologies.

The Consumer Choice Center’s Digital Single Market campaign seeks to better the existing digital foundations of the European Union by contributing to the liberalisation and harmonisation of the European Digital Market.


Liberalising and Harmonising European Digital Markets Paper

By Luca Bertoletti & Ryan Khurana

On 10 October, Consumer Choice Center’s Luca Bertoletti and Bill Wirtz handed the Consumer Choice Center’s Digital Single Market Research Paper to the European Commission’s Head of E-Commerce.


Telecom and Media Innovation Summit

On January 23rd, 2019, we hosted a Telecom and Media Innovation Summit in Davos to examine how current innovations in the digital sphere will positively impact consumers in global markets going forward into the 21st century. South America already is.

Media Hits

Why Amazon’s investment in Deliveroo could be good news for consumers

In May 2019 the global e-commerce powerhouse Amazon invested roughly 500 million USD in the British food delivery service Deliveroo leading to a 16% equity stake in that company. The British competition watchdog Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) issued a statement asking both companies for concessions (usually agreeing to...

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Keine Angst vor 5G

Panikmache über angebliche Gefahren der 5G-Technologie kommt aus verschiedenen Ecken. Das sollte dem Fortschritt nicht im Wege stehen. Jede Technologie bringt ein gewisses Maß an Skepsis mit sich. Ob es nun um die Entdeckung der Elektrizität, die Erfindung des Zuges oder die Ankunft der Mikrowelle als Ergänzung unserer Küchenausstattung...

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Is the Cookie Law outdated and frankly just annoying?

Cookies are a basic part of how the Internet works but there’s hardly anyone I know that is in favour of pop ups on just about every website due to the EU’s Cookie Law. They store little bits of information about you such as when you are logged into...

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Taiwan’s quest to become a “blockchain island”

It has been over ten years since the world first heard of Bitcoin, but blockchain’s applications are still in their infancy. One legislator in Taiwan wants to change that. Nicknamed “Crypto Congressman” by Vitalik Buterin, Jason Hsu worked as a tech entrepreneur before getting involved in politics in 2016....

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Note to the new EU Commission: Consumer privacy is key

Brussels, BE – The incoming Commission President, Ursula von Der Leyen, will have a series of politically delicate hurdles to contend with in the field of cybersecurity. Here is why certification schemes are needed for that goal. Not least in the domain of 5G, where the EU has come under increased pressure...

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Competition is essential to create a secure and innovative supply chain for 5G

Open markets and free trade have increased consumers’ prosperity in Europe and across the world. The impact of the technological advances that contributed to a massive connectivity and freedom of consumers would not have been possible without the existence of a global set of standards that promote competition and...

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Post-Brexit opportunity: making the internet less annoying

They’re cookies, and they’re not the delicious kind: internet cookies pop up on every new website we click on. The pop-up often says something like this: “We use cookies to help our site work, to understand how it is used, and to tailor the adverts presented on our site....

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Deimantė Rimkutė. ES – pasaulio duomenų policininkė?

Lisabonos sutartimi visuotinai patvirtinta Europos Sąjungos Pagrindinių teisių chartija įtvirtino naują žmogaus teisę. Tai teisė į duomenų apsaugą. Tuomet dar niekas nežinojo, kokią įtaką globaliam pasauliui ji turės. Nuo gero administravimo principo sudedamosios iki žmogaus teisės Pirmasis Europos Sąjungos teisės aktas, reglamentuojantis duomenų apsaugą, patvirtintas 1995 m.. Tiesa, šioje...

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O futuro do Brasil é digital, mas proibido pelo Governo, analisam Roeder, Giurcin e Freo

Regulamentações impedem avanço É preciso revogar a ‘lei anacrônica’ Enquanto as novas tecnologias e o comportamento do consumidor criaram um ambiente no qual os serviços digitais convergem e borram as fronteiras entre conteúdo, televisão, streaming e mídia social, a regulamentação ultrapassada da TV por assinatura no Brasil é uma grande barreira...

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Deimantė Rimkutė: Tavo (ne)privatumas 5G interneto amžiuje Skaitykite daugiau:

Galbūt iš pirmo žvilgsnio ši frazė gali būti priimta nerūpestingai: „na, ir kas?“ Žinoma, gal ir nieko blogo. Juk būtent dėl to gauname pasiūlymus, kurie kur kas aktualesni. Surinkti duomenys suteikia galimybę paslauga džiaugtis nemokant papildomos naudojimosi kainos. Tačiau lazda turi du galus; didėjantis duomenų surinkimo kiekis atneša ir...

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Attempts To Block Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency May Backfire

Consumer group: Congressional attempt to block Facebook‘s Libra cryptocurrency harms consumer choice and will backfire Washington, D.C. – Days after Facebook announced its new Libra cryptocurrency project, federal lawmakers issued stark warnings to the social media platform, and have now requested the project be put on ice. The lawmakers issuing the warnings were Rep. Maxime Waters, chair of the House...

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Winter is Coming para programas como Game of Thrones no Brasil

O inverno não começou apenas no hemisfério sul, mas também pode começar em breve para milhões de telespectadores brasileiros. Uma regulamentação poderá em breve ser responsável pelo desaparecimento de programas como o Game of Thrones e eventos esportivos, como a Liga dos Campeões da UEFA das nossas televisões. Se...

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