Sharing Economy Index 2020

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TOP 10

1 Tallinn Estonia 100
2 Vilnius Lithuania 95
2 Riga Latvia 95
2 Moscow Russia 95
2 St. Petersburg Russia 95
2 Warsaw Poland 95
2 Kyiv Ukraine 95
2 São Paulo Brazil 95
9 Tbilisi Georgia 90
9 Helsinki Finland 90


The sharing economy has transformed our lives in a variety of ways. Booking holiday accommodation via flatsharing platforms and grabbing our phone to order a rideshare when we are late to a meeting is a habit many of us share. The innovative nature of the sharing economy has led to its undeniable success. But now, those benefits to consumers are often undermined by excessive regulation and taxation. The current COVID-19 pandemic has shown both how much the sharing economy helped consumers access essential goods and services, while at the same time revealing the very real restrictions and regulations that undermine them.
As a global consumer advocacy group, we at the Consumer Choice Center believe that consumer choice is pivotal, and services that bring value to consumers – be it Uber, AirBnB, ShareNow, or e-scooters – should be endorsed and encouraged. Inspired by our previous indices – European Airport Index and European Railway Station Index – we examined 52 of the world’s most dynamic cities to see which ones lead the way on the sharing economy.
This is the first CCC Sharing Economy Index seeking to rank some of the world’s most dynamic cities and to provide a valuable guide for consumers about the sharing economy services available to them.


The Sharing Economy Index provides a valuable overview of many of the services that are greatly enjoyed by consumers. More is always better, and the availability of various sharing economy services ensures consumers are able to have plenty of choices wherever they go. Our index gives you a glimpse into a diversity of ways your stay in a particular city can be better.
For instance, if you are considering a holiday in Dublin and are a big fan of e-scooters, you might be disappointed to find out they’re banned there. In a similar fashion, our index shows where you can earn extra income by driving Uber, Bolt, or another service without having to obtain special permits. Or maybe you want to explore Vienna by renting out a car from locals? The Sharing Economy Index is a one-of-its-kind compilation of applications you can use to improve your city experience.
On the other hand, our index also deals with the access part to those platforms. If you are considering renting out your apartment via Airbnb or VRBO or you want to become a rideshare driver in one of the 52 cities we examined, the Sharing Economy Index will come in handy as well. The same applies to ride-hailing services, carpooling and peer-to-peer car rentals.
Availability: The Index provides an overview of the sharing economy services available to consumers in 52 cities.
Access: The Index examines the access to the sharing economy services on the supply side.


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