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In the dynamic landscape of the sharing economy, where innovation and economic growth intersect with legal and political challenges, the Consumer Choice Center presents its fourth annual Sharing Economy Index. This comprehensive ranking, based on expert assessments, annual reports, online statistics, and in-depth research, sheds light on the evolving global landscape. Vilnius leads the pack, with Buenos Aires closely following, while other cities, once at the forefront, witness shifts. Government interventions and the meteoric rise of fintech play pivotal roles in these transformations. As the sharing economy thrives, this index empowers consumers to navigate the diverse offerings, ensuring informed choices for their journeys and nights out.

About the research

We ranked 60 cities worldwide to help consumers pick the destination that best fits their sharing economy preferences. We examined several variables ranging from ride-hailing, professional car-sharing, car-pooling, and flat-sharing to gym-sharing, ultra-fast delivery apps, and e-scooters. With the knowledge provided by our ranking, consumers can prevent unnecessary discomfort or unwanted risk on their next journey or night out.

Our fourth annual edition of the Sharing Economy Index refines and updates the analysis using expert assessments, annual reports, online statistics, news pieces reflecting the latest information, and our own research. To represent the importance of fintech, we added the variable of peer-to-peer lending to the database. We also included library sharing among growing sharing economy services.


The sharing economy landscape, as assessed by a recent index, reveals that while no city achieved a perfect score, Vilnius, Lithuania, led the pack with 155 out of 160 points. Vilnius has positioned itself as a digital economy hub, evident in a €100 million private initiative for a prominent tech campus in Europe. Argentina ranks high but faces regulatory hurdles, especially with fintech, owing to complicated Central Bank regulations.

Madrid boasts a favorable fintech landscape, hindered only by specific permits and taxes for ride-hailing and flat-sharing. Belgrade exhibits permissionless innovation in ride-hailing but grapples with regulatory complexities in peer-to-peer lending. While all services are available in London, the city is held back from the podium and lands in fifth place due to a combination of regulatory hurdles.

Despite overall score improvements, some cities lag due to safety concerns, taxes, and stringent licensing, notably Tallinn, Tbilisi, Mexico City, Warsaw, Kyiv, Athens, Tokyo, and Sofia. These cities grapple with various challenges, from discontinued carpooling services to fragmented fintech frameworks, hindering their progress in embracing and regulating the sharing economy.

Benefits for Consumers

There are several advantages to choosing one of the top five cities, such as multiple affordable options for ride-hailing, carpooling, and car sharing, certainty and safety for borrowers and lenders engaged in peer-to-peer exchanges, accessible libraries, frequentable gyms anywhere in the city, the convenience of ultra-fast delivery, and an easy means of transportation on hand in the form of e-scooters.

  •   Top 5 (and top ten) picks offer the best experience all around
  •   Negatively, accessibility has decreased, as evidenced by the changes in marks for Tallinn, Tbilisi, Mexico City, Warsaw, and Kyiv
  •   On a positive note, the availability of sharing economy services has seen an overall increase. Far more cities feature ultra-fast delivery apps and e-scooters than ever before, and Japan and Luxembourg are contemplating the authorization of ride-hailing.

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Emil Panzaru

Emil Panzaru

Research Manager

Amjad Aun

Amjad Aun

Policy Fellow

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