Support Science-Based Public Policy

Today, 19th October, 2017, the Consumer Choice Center joined the ECPA, COPA-COGECA, Coceral, and Europabio in a signed letter addressed to the European Union’s policymakers considering a ban on glyphosate. The letter warns that EU policymakers cannot “allow emotion to let us slowly undermine our regulatory process and sleep- walk into a food production crisis in Europe.”

Any effort to ban pesticides which have been deemed safe by European health agencies will only end up raising the cost of food for consumers here and across the world.

To that end, we support science-based policy making.

The debate over whether evidence-based policymaking should be the guiding mantra for politicians seems to be moot.

There’s an effective and well-funded machine of environmental lobbies and activists pushing bad science to political ends.

In response to this, the London-based Campaign for Science and Engineering called in its summer report for more science advisers and publicly funded agencies to ensure politicians uphold the integrity of scientific research.

But more than that, our public institutions should listen more to the scientists and less to the activists funded by public money.

Because only science-based public policy will bring the progress that all consumers deserve.

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