We are hoping that soon the peak of the COVID-19 crisis is over and millions of Latin Americans are set to return to travel for work and pleasure. In order to prevent a negative passenger experience and pick the optimal hubs for future trips, we examined Latin America’s 30 largest airports (by passenger volume) and ranked them in terms of passenger experience, ranked according to a mix of factors ranging from location and transportation options to in-airport experience and flight network access.

This is the First Annual Edition of the Latin American Consumer Airport Index, seeking to rank the continent’s most passenger-friendly airports. In 2019 the Consumer Choice Center published its first airport index ranking Europe’s top 30 airports. We reached out to the airports and asked for relevant data, but also found data in annual reports, online statistics, and conducted our own research to collect all necessary information.

Research Note: We strive to improve the quality of the underlying data of this index year by year and aim to refine its methodology moving forward. We sometimes faced contradictory information and indicators measured differently by different airports (e.g. number of destinations is sometimes shown as average destinations flown to throughout the year, sometimes includes charter destinations, and sometimes show the total destinations connected to in one year). We ask the readers of this index to acknowledge the difficulties working with heterogeneous data and caution users of this index to be aware of the underlying data complications. Overall Passenger-Friendliness Index (includes the above-mentioned indicators but also adds direct rail links from airport, availability of ride-hailing services, competition of airlines, on-site hotels, number of destinations, number of airlines, convenience in changing terminals).


The Latin American Passenger-Friendliness Ranking shows airports from 8 different countries in the Top 10. The winner is Mexico City’s Benito Juarez airport followed by Guayaquil in Ecuador and Sao Paulo’s Guarulhos. Additionally, with San Jose, Punta Cana, Panama City, Guadalajara, and Guatemala City a total of six Central American airports made it into the Top10 in Latin America. Brazil and Mexico have both two airports in the Top10. No Argentinian nor Chilean airport is among the ten best-ranked airports.


There are several benefits for passengers and consumers when choosing one of the airports listed in the Top 10 as departure or arrival points for their travel such as better services, more options and more convenience. In general, passengers traveling in one of the 10 airports at the top of our ranking have better travel experience, including more flight options, destinations and airlines, less travel time from downtown to the airport, and better infrastructure, such as lounges, restaurants, and shops.

LATAM Airport Index


Hay varios beneficios para los pasajeros y consumidores al elegir utilizar los aeropuertos como puntos de partida o llegada que ofrecen mejores servicios, más opciones y conveniencia. En general, los pasajeros que viajan en uno de los 10 aeropuertos en la parte superior de nuestro ranking tienen una mejor experiencia de viaje, entre ellos, más opciones de vuelo tanto en horarios, destinos y aerolíneas, menos tiempo de viaje desde el aeropuerto hasta el centro, y una mejor infraestructura, como lounges, restaurantes y tiendas.


Existem diversos benefícios aos passageiros e consumidores em preferir utilizar como ponto de partida ou chegada aeroportos que oferecem melhores serviços, mais opções e comodidade. Em vias gerais, os passageiros que viajam por um dos 10 aeroportos no topo do nosso ranking contam com uma melhor experiência de viagem, entre elas, mais opções de voos tanto em horários, destinos e companhias aéreas, menos tempo de locomoção do aeroporto ao centro e vice versa, e uma melhor infraestrutura aeroportuária, como salas vip, restaurantes e lojas.



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