FAIR Fees Act would make air travel more unfair

The new FAA reauthorization bill includes a provision by Sens. Ed Markey, D-Mass and Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., that would effectively turn the entire business of air travel upside down. The so-called FAIR (Forbid Airlines from Imposing Ridiculous Fees Act) Fees Act targets any fee for a change or cancellation of a reservation for a flight in interstate air transportation, […]

Canada’s Transport Minister: Expanded Egypt and UAE air agreement a win for consumers

ETN: David Clement, Toronto based North American Affairs Manager of the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), said that “The expanded agreement is a step in the right direction regarding air transport liberalization. That said, the next step here has to be further liberalization.”

City of Hamburg receives BAN Award for Diesel bans

The City of Hamburg, Germany receives the May 2018 BAN Award for being the first city banning certain Diesel cars from some of its main streets. The Consumer Choice Center’s Managing Director Fred Roeder explains that only a few municipal governments have managed to discriminate that many consumers at once: “Over 200,000 local Diesel drivers […]

The U.S. Trade War with Bombardier

NORTH CAROLINA JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW: Moreover, this ruling is also likely to negatively affect everyday consumers. “Such a high tariff will raise the cost of importing jets from the Montreal-based firm and deprive American consumers of the opportunity of efficient, low-cost travel.”

Trade Panel’s Rejection of Trump’s Jet Tariff Is a Sign of Good Things to Come

MORNING CONSULT: As President Donald Trump schmoozed with economic titans in Davos, Switzerland, over the weekend, news from Washington indicated parts of his trade agenda won’t go forward as planned.

UK’s hiking of air passenger taxes will hurt Britain’s investors and holiday-goers

CONTACT: Ryan Khurana Research Fellow Consumer Choice Center ryan@consumerchoicecenter.org 24. November 2017 UK’s hiking of air passenger taxes will hurt Britain’s investors and holiday-goers London, UK – As revealed this week, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond has asked the U.K. Treasury to increase once again the air passenger duty for premium travellers. Ryan Khurana, Policy […]

Guerre de Trump contre Bombardier : les consommateurs paient

LA CHRONIQUE AGORA: Trump a déclaré la guerre aux avionneurs concurrents de Boeing. Ce faisant, il pénalise ses propres électeurs qui subiront les hausses de prix résultant des droits de douanes.

Tariffs on New Planes Won’t Cure Aviation’s Old Ills

NEWSMAX: Ruling in favour of crippling tariffs doesn’t reflect well on the Trump administration, as it neglects both the political and market consequences of the decision.

How US airlines are deceiving you about their foreign competitors

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: While Boeing tries to protect its home market by calling for trade barriers, that same company should be worried about U.S. airlines building up a protectionist wall.

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