Canada’s Transport Minister: Expanded Egypt and UAE air agreement a win for consumers

ETN: David Clement, Toronto based North American Affairs Manager of the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), said that “The expanded agreement is a step in the right direction regarding air transport liberalization. That said, the next step here has to be further liberalization.”

“It is great that service to and from the Middle East will be increased, but the real solution lies in liberalizing Canada’s skies. Airlines and airports should be free to negotiate landing rights and slots without government intervention. Right now the governments of two countries need to sit down and negotiate the landing rights of an airline. Opening Canada’s skies would lead to more flights and more connections for Canadians traveling abroad, and visitors coming to Canada. Increased competition and connections lead to lower airfares and more consumer choice,” said Clement

“Liberalizing air transport has immediate benefits for consumers. The increased routes announced by Etihad and Emirates will result in an additional 40,000 and 52,000 seats per year to the Middle East, respectively. This increase makes travel to Abu Dhabi and Dubai far more accessible for Canadian travelers, while also making India and Asia significantly more accessible,” said Clement.

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