UK’s hiking of air passenger taxes will hurt Britain’s investors and holiday-goers

Ryan Khurana
Research Fellow
Consumer Choice Center

24. November 2017

UK’s hiking of air passenger taxes will hurt Britain’s investors and holiday-goers

London, UK – As revealed this week, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond has asked the U.K. Treasury to increase once again the air passenger duty for premium travellers.

Ryan Khurana, Policy Analyst at the Consumer Choice Center (CCC) says the UK government’s hiking of the Air Passenger Duty would hurt Britain’s investment prospects and holiday-goers.

“In the midst of Brexit, the decision to raise the Airline Taxes in the UK, thereby disincentivising travel for business and pleasure, and restricting consumer choice is a disastrous move.

“Penalising long-haul flights will discourage investors and entrepreneurs from seeing the UK as an open place to do business. This hurts not only them, but also native Britons who are restricted from the benefits of increased choice in global destinations,” said Khurana.

***CCC Research Fellow Ryan Khurana is available to speak with accredited media on the UK budget and consumer choice issues. Please send media inquiries HERE.***

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