Brexit tariff warning issued to UK Government

Tariffs on meat imports would put “another burden” on British consumers Ahead of Britain’s impending exit from the EU, lobby group Consumer Choice Center (CCC) said that unilateral tariff liberalisation on agricultural products was vital for making consumers better off and suggested that the UK’s potential gains from trade after Brexit could outweigh the costs. Maria […]

Consumers slam government plans for tariffs on food imports

FARMERS WEEKLY: This has drawn stinging criticism from consumer group Consumer Choice Centre. “Imposing tariffs on meat imports will not only put another burden on British consumers, but will also increase the costs of Brexit and send a signal to the rest of the world that post-Brexit Britain will pursue protectionism ahead of consumer interests,” […]

Sorry Mr. Trump, we’re not “Chinese propaganda” on trade

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This week, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to denounce several articles in the Des Moines Register as Chinese “propaganda ads” because of the facts presented on trade and tariffs. Included was an article written by the Consumer Choice Center that revealed the impact of tariffs on communities in North and South Carolina, which could affect up to 150,000 […]

Cherry-picking is reality of the single market

TIMES OF LONDON: As Frederik Roeder of the free-market think tank Centre for Consumer Choice told me, the national governments are busy “cherry-picking” the proposals. Nobody is claiming that this is outrageous behaviour.

How the Carolinas could suffer from Trump’s tariffs

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: In the last election and on the global stage, President Donald Trump talked tough on trade. It’s us versus them and we’re losing, he says. Put simply, he views the current trade deficit, when we import more from a country than we export to it, as detrimental to American jobs. Since January, that trade […]

The European Union Started This Trade War

FEE: If there is to be a trade war, it should be a trade war to see who can slash tariff barriers the most.

Donald #Trump wants tariff-free trade on goods. Why doesn’t the Commission take him up on it?

EU REPORTER: In the looming trade war between the European Union and the United States, the consensus seems to be, that means to avoid this crisis are spare. Jean-Claude Juncker made it clear in a speech in Hamburg that “we also have to be this stupid”, in reference to the retaliatory tariffs on a number of […]

Le protectionnisme de Trump relève de l’illettrisme économique

LA LIBRE: A long terme, les mesures protectionnistes se répercutent sur les prix et les salaires. Au bout de la chaîne, ce seront les consommateurs qui seront touchés, y compris les moins aisés économiquement, écrit Bill Wirtz du Consumer Choice Center.

In response to Trump tariffs, the EU is coming for your bourbon

IFT: Last week, US President Donald Trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminium, as a means to protect local American industries from foreign competition. This is in line with Trump’s general tendency towards economic protectionism, demonstrated by his support for tariffs on the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier’s C-series jets (planes which are partially produced in the […]

Europeans Can Challenge Trump by Making Case for Free Trade

NEWSMAX: President Trump announced that he will impose tariffs on steel and aluminum, as a way of protecting local industries against foreign imports.

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