Month: July 2018

Trump’s Free Trade Suggestion remains Unheard

SPEAK FREELY: During European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker’s visit to Washington D.C, Donald Trump once again suggested a tariff-and subsidy-free trade area between the European Union and the United States. Yet, the American president continues to fall on deaf ears, for reasons that tell more about the EU than it does about ominous ‘Trumpism’.

Canada’s Transport Minister: Expanded Egypt and UAE air agreement a win for consumers

ETN: David Clement, Toronto based North American Affairs Manager of the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), said that “The expanded agreement is a step in the right direction regarding air transport liberalization. That said, the next step here has to be further liberalization.”

Eltern nicht bevormunden

DIE WELT: Die Gesundheitsminister der Europäischen Union haben Vorschläge für die Regulierung der Vermarktung von sogenanntem Junkfood vorgelegt, in denen Beschränkungen von Werbung solcher Produkte gefordert werden.

Zeichentrickfiguren auf Frühstücksflocken sollen weg

THE EUROPEAN: “Befürworter der öffentlichen Gesundheit” wollen gegen eine massive Gefahr vorgehen: Zeichentrickfiguren auf Packungen von Getreideflocken, wie zum Beispiel die der Marke Kellogg’s. Angeblich haben es Tony der Tiger, Sonny der Kuckuck Vogel, Cap’n Crunch oder Graf Chocula alle auf unsere Kinder abgesehen.

‘It’s embarrassing’: Advocates say we’ve waited long enough for ride-hailing

NEWS 1130: David Clement with the Consumer Choice Center says he suspects ride-hailing hasn’t already been approved in B.C. because the government is under pressure to protect the status quo.

Paper or Plastic? Opt for the Latter

NEWSMAX: Be it bans for plastic straws, taxes on plastic bags, or the phenomena of banning styrofoam in major cities: there is a part of the political spectrum obsessed with ridding the world of plastic. However, their measures beg the question if they’re actually achieving their goals, and what unintended consequences accompany the anti-plastic obsession.

ועדת השרים אישרה את הצעת החוק שתאסור פרסומות לסיגריות ומוצרי עישון

CALCALIST: זאת, למעט חריגים מצומצמים בעיתונות המודפסת בצמוד למודעת אזהרה. בנוסף יוטלו הגבלות על שיווק כולל הצגת מוצרי עישון ותאסר גם מכירת הסיגריה האלקטרונית ג’ול

The Israeli ministerial committee approved the bill that would ban advertisements for cigarettes and smoking products

KIKAR: International organizations that encourage low-risk substitutes, such as the Consumer Choice Center, while lobbyists Tzach Borovich of the lobby office and the Barak Foundation of Connecticut create the electronic cigarette Juul. Juul’s lobbyists got into the picture mainly after they learned that under the law the Department of Health intended to ban Juul’s marketing (translation from […]

The case for defunding the WHO

COMMENT CENTRAL: Bill Wirtz believes there is no need for taxpayers to be continuously patronised by WHO health experts. It’s time to defund the WHO.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Ban

NATIONAL REVIEW: A New York City ban on styrofoam for food service is a costly and wasteful way to soothe wealthy liberals’ consciences.

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