Month: October 2017

Wien huet Angscht virum Glyphosat?

RADIO 100: D’Ëmweltschützer bedreiwen Angschtmaacherei am Dossier ronderëm de Verbuet vu Gylphosat. Déi minimal Quantitéiten, déi sech an eisen Iesssaachen erëmfannen, stelle kee Risiko fir eis Gesondheet duer.

France’s New Sugar Tax Is Bitterly Ironic

FEE: In yet another move to crack down on fun public health hazards, the French government reached an agreement with the parliament for a new tax on sugary drinks. How long are people going to continue to accept the modern Nanny State?

Congress Must Act On Privacy

MORNING CONSULT: The digital revolution has transformed the way we live. Now it’s time for our privacy laws to reflect that.

Le lobby des vélos à Bruxelles veut se faire protéger contre la concurrence étrangère

LES ECHOS: Les fabricants de vélos européens demandent à Bruxelles de les protéger contre la concurrence internationale. Les taxes douanières qu’ils proposent nuisent surtout aux revenus les plus faibles.

Consumer group calls Vancouver’s proposed regulations for Airbnb “nothing but a tax grab”

GEORGIA STRAIGHT: A consumer-advocacy group has accused the City of Vancouver of orchestrating a “cash grab” as part of its efforts to regulate Airbnb and other short-term rental services.

Trudeau Should See NAFTA Renegotiation As His Biggest Priority

HUFFINGTON POST: Trump needs to be shown that protectionism south of the border hurts American and Canadian consumers as much as it helps hand-picked American producers.

New York Vaping Ban Counterintuitive To Tobacco Reduction

RED LAKE NATION NEWS: New York state signed a bill into law on Monday that prohibits vaping anywhere in which cigarettes are already banned, a measure that is bad for consumers, counter-intuitive to tobacco use reduction, and is based on misinformation.

New York Vaping Ban Counterintuitive To Tobacco Reduction

AMBULANCE TODAY: Treating vaping as if it’s tradition tobacco smoke is going to be a public health and law enforcement nightmare.

Eine Digitalsteuer wäre nur eine weitere Steuer, die dem Verbraucher schadet

PEACE LOVE LIBERTY MAGAZIN: Online-Dienste könnten zukünftig auf ihren Umsatz besteuert werden, nicht auf ihre Gewinne. Neben den Finanzministern aus Frankreichs, Deutschlands, Italiens und Spaniens fordert jetzt auch der Ratsvorsitzende aus Estland eine solche Steuer.

New York Restricts Vaping

CSP: David Clement, North American affairs manager for the Consumer Choice Center, Arlington, Va., said in a press release that the ban is a misguided policy.

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