Month: February 2018

Les ONG anti libre-échange ne défendent pas le consommateur

LA CHRONIQUE AGORA: Sous couvert de défense du consommateur contre des risques souvent mal estimés, les ONG militent en réalité pour le protectionnisme.

Federal regulators should trust progress, avoid blockchain red tape

THE HILL: The U.S. must embrace new technologies and marketplace innovation but also acknowledge that the price of progress includes occasional wrongdoing. The solution for said wrongdoing is not through paternalistic regulation and government intervention, but is best fixed through innovative responses that directly address the problems at hand.

Scandale des sèche-mains électriques : une photo sur Facebook n’est pas une preuve scientifique

ÉCONOMIE-MATIN: Une jeune étudiante en Californie a fait revenir les sèche-mains électriques dans le débat public, après un post sur Facebook.

Arizona: New Poll Shows Elevated Support for Legalization In 2018

MARIJUANA.COM: A new poll asked whether or not Arizona’s voters “would support or oppose a proposal that Arizona regulate and tax cannabis like alcohol?” An overwhelming majority have responded positively to the idea, as volunteers work to gather the required signatures to place an initiative before the voters on the Nov. 6 ballot.

E-cigarettes less harmful than smoking, says American Cancer Society

ORLANDO SENTINEL: The pro-vaping Consumer Choice Center said the society’s qualified endorsement was “a step in the right direction,” in a statement posted Wednesday on Twitter.

American Cancer Society Finally Recognizes Benefits Of E-Cigs

CONTACT: Jeff Stier Senior Fellow Consumer Choice Center jstier@consumerchoicecenter.org 21. February 2018 American Cancer Society Finally Recognizes Benefits Of E-Cigs WASHINGTON, DC – The American Cancer Society acknowledged yesterday that e-cigarettes can appropriately help smokers quit, and the Consumer Choice Center (CCC) applauds said recognition. ACS, in a clinical recommendation, tepidly endorsed e-cigarettes in their statement: “Many smokers […]

Letter to the Utah House Revenue and Taxation Committee on HB 88

Dear Chairman Eliason and members of the House Revenue and Taxation Committee, I received thoughtful feedback from many of you after I wrote to you last month to share my concerns that H.B. 88 (Electronic Cigarette and Other Nicotine Product Amendments) would harm Utah consumers (especially the most vulnerable), local businesses, and provide no countervailing benefit to […]

Co doopravdy chtějí „bojovníci za práva spotřebitelůׅ?

FINMAG: Nevládních organizací, které tvrdí, že se berou za práva spotřebitelů, je hodně. Kromě standardní pomoci zákazníkům v případech zavádějícího značení zboží nebo ohrožení bezpečnosti, jde ale řadě „spotřebitelských aktivistů“ o něco, co už vlastně nemá nic společného s možností výběru nebo s právy. O moc.

Poll: 63 percent of Arizonans say legalize and regulate cannabis

CONTACT: Yaël Ossowski Deputy Director Consumer Choice Center yael@consumerchoicecenter.org 21. February 2018 Poll: 63 percent of Arizonans say legalize and regulate cannabis Phoenix, AZ – On Thursday, a wide-ranging poll was released indicating 62.9 percent of Arizonans support a proposal to regulate and tax cannabis like alcohol. The poll indicates 48 percent of Republicans support such a […]

E-cigs for quitting smoking? A cautious thumbs-up from American Cancer Society

WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL: The pro-e-cig advocacy group Consumer Choice Center said Wednesday that “given the growing body of evidence in the U.S. and around the world that suggests the need to support the use of lower-risk nicotine products to quit smoking, the ACS was forced to either stubbornly continue its opposition to e-cigarettes, or lose their […]

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