Consumer Choice Radio

A syndicated weekly radio show featuring the latest news, interviews, and expert analysis that covers consumer topics around the world. Focusing on lifestyle freedom, innovative tech, and smart policy, tune in every week to learn why consumer choice matters.

It is hosted by Yaël Ossowski @YaelOss) and David Clement (@ClementLiberty).

The program is broadcast on Sauga 960AM in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, and on Coastal Carolina Network on Saturdays 1-2 PM EST.

The podcast is now Podcasting 2.0 compliant! Listen to the show using a Bitcoin lightning wallet-enabled podcasting app (Podverse, Breeze, Fountain, etc.) to directly donate to the show using the Bitcoin lightning network (stream those sats!). 

Previous guests:

Former Gov. Mark Sanford, MP Pierre Poilieve, MP Dan Albas, MP Raquel Dancho, Bjorn Lomborg, Flemming Rose, Brendan Carr, Steve Forbes, Melissa Chen, Dr. Jeff Singer, Florida State Senator Jeff Brandes, Chris Snowdon, Dr. Kathleen Hefferon, Jerry Buting, Lenny McAllister, Brad Polumbo, Jacob Grier, Ross Marchand, Bill Wirtz, Walter Block, Phred Pilkington, Ashley Baker, Cory DeAngelis, Fred Roeder, Tim Andrews, and more.



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