Invoering neutrale sigarettenverpakkingen zal geen effect hebben op publieke gezondheid

MEDICAL FACTS: De Nederlandse overheid probeert om, samen met de Belgische overheid, een van de nieuwe landen in Europa te worden die neutrale verpakkingen voor tabakswaren invoert. Deze maatregel zou Nederland met dezelfde ongewenste gevolgen opzadelen als die reeds zichtbaar zijn in landen waar neutrale verpakkingen reeds de norm zijn. Bill Wirtz, beleidsanalist voor het […]

Advocacy group criticises Canadian cannabis plain-packaging regime

WORLD TRADEMARK REVIEW: Advocacy group criticises Canadian cannabis plain-packaging regime – The Consumer Choice Center (CCC), a global advocacy group focused on consumer choice and market access, has issued a strongly-worded press release on plain packaging in Canada. In it, the group criticises the Canadian government for its strict branding and packaging restrictions on the legal cannabis market. A […]

Federal Government Plain Packaging Regulations Completely Disregard Consumers and Limit Product Choice

The Federal Government of Canada is enacting strict branding and packaging restrictions on the legal cannabis market. More specifically, Health Canada has taken the framework of plain packaging tobacco products including cigarettes and cigars, and applied many aspects of that legislation to how legal cannabis products must appear. This mandate from Health Canada limits consumer choice, according […]

The President’s promise to cut FDA red tape – a moment of truth

Technological advances touch every aspect of our lives, often in ways we rarely think about. Today, we live longer, healthier, and better lives because of our access to innovative products that were unimaginable in the recent past. That’s why it’s critical for regulators to make timely and common-sense decisions. Yet excessive risk-aversion is endemic at […]

France’s tobacco branding ban fails to deliver: An alternative approach is needed

CONTACT: Luca Bertoletti European Affairs Manager Consumer Choice Center   France’s tobacco branding ban fails to deliver: An alternative approach is needed Brussels, BE – After more than a year with a branding ban on tobacco products, new numbers published by the French Observatory for Drugs and Addiction reveal that cigarette sales have been cut by less than 0.7 […]

Schluss mit der Bevormundung!

DIE WELT: Wir sind Erwachsene, und ja, manchmal treffen wir Entscheidungen, die ungesund sind: Wir trinken Alkohol, essen Tiefkühlpizza, rauchen Zigaretten. Die Antwort kann aber nicht sein, den Verbrauch zu verbieten. Solche Regulierungen widersprechen nicht nur der persönlichen Freiheit.”

Canada Can Lead The Way On Pot, Vapes and Plain Packs

HUFFINGTON POST: The world is paying attention to Canada right now. Two very important pieces of legislation on consumer products are being debated, which could provide many lessons for the world.

Australien feiert 5 Jahre Plain Packaging – Aber gibt es wirklich Grund zur Freude?

HUFFINGTON POST: Es wäre an der Zeit, dass die internationale Gesundheitslobby das Scheitern von Plain Packaging zugibt, Politik wieder Evidenz folgt und damit aufhört Daten und Fakten zu ignorieren.

Govt Intentions on Cigarette Packaging Could Be Hell

NEWSMAX: On this day, Dec. 1, five years ago, the Australian government implemented the mandatory plain packaging of all tobacco products. This means that cigarettes, rolled tobacco, and the likes, can only be sold in packs that do not show the particular brand in question.

The EU’s doublethink on smoking in films is such a drag

CITY AM: In a senate discussion on the price of cigarettes, French health minister, Agnès Buzyn, said that she is ready to clamp down on le problème le plus important: smoking in films.

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