Month: December 2017

Involving Government in the Loot Box Outrage Is a Bad Move

FEE: Teaming up with legislators can open the door to large-scale governmental involvement in video gaming, and might quickly turn against those who called them in the first place.

Why the Baltic States Should Reject the Nanny State

EMERGING EUROPE: Before the Baltic nations drown themselves in an avalanche of paternalistic lifestyle regulations, they should consult their own populous about the changes they want to introduce.

Do You Like Streaming? Because The Disney-Fox Deal Is Going To Bring A Golden Age Of Streaming

DAILY CALLER: Walt Disney Corporation-s recent $52.4 billion mega-deal for most assets of 21st Century Fox represents something extraordinary for media consumers: A new boon to the golden age of streaming.

Demandons une politique publique basée sur des preuves !

LES ECHOS: Les décisions de réglementation sont trop souvent inspirées par des considérations émotionnelles et non par une approche scientifique. La discussion européenne sur le phosphate dans le kebab en est une preuve.

Our new alcohol policy: pointless, punishes the poor but makes politicians look ‘good’

HIBERIA FORUM: As a matter of public policy, there are several reasons to oppose the minimum pricing of alcohol.

The Cronyism Behind Your Contact Lenses

VALUE WALK: In order to remedy against this intransparent handling, the Federal Trade Commission is proposing an update to the contact lens rules. The FTC wants to make it compulsory for practitioners to get a signature from the patient that he has understood that he holds the right to his files.

NGOs in Europe: On Transparency and Double Standards

VOCAL EUROPE: Transparency is a big and oft-heard word these days in Brussels. Every week dozens of private companies and nonprofits register for the EU’s Transparency Register, a mandatory step in order to obtain easy access to the European Parliament and the Commission. While voices have become louder to put corporate lobbyists under even more […]

The Cronyism behind Your Contact Lenses

FEE: In order to remedy against this intransparent handling, the Federal Trade Commission is proposing an update to the contact lens rules.

America, don’t buy into failed plain tobacco packaging

THE HILL: Consumers are poised to ask, where’s the drink brand I want? Is this even the right product? Regardless if consumers get those answers, they’ll still probably get the cola they desire. People will either grab an Orwellian product off the shelf or turn to the streets for some under-the-table exchange.

La battaglia per la scienza continua anche in Europa

CAMPAGNE LIBERALI: Riceviamo e volentieri pubblichiamo la riflessione di Luca Bertoletti, European Affairs Manager per il Consumer Choice Center.

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