Month: December 2018

How Doug Ford can modernize Ontario’s alcohol market

Doug Ford has built his brand on putting the people, who are ultimately consumers, first. Refining Ontario’s alcohol market was a priority for Doug Ford on the campaign trail. He proudly proclaimed that convenience stores provincewide should be able to sell beer and wine. Since taking office, he’s reduced minimum pricing on beer, cancelled an […]

We can fight climate change without hurting consumers

If you haven’t clocked that we’ve really got it wrong on the environment, you must have been living under a rock. In the last ten years, we have produced more plastic than we did in the last century – and we only recover 5% of the plastic we currently use. Hurricanes, droughts and coral deaths […]

Your supermarket sandwich could soon have a calorie cap, under new proposals

THESTAR: However, the Consumer Choice Center (CCC) has argued that “education rather than banning” should be the aim of reducing the obesity crisis. Commenting on the proposals, Bill Wirtz, Policy Analyst for the CCC said: “The intentions of PHE are understandable, but rectifying the bad nutritional habits and lack of exercise of some with outright […]

Další zemí, jež bude legalizovat rekreační konopí, je Lucembursko

LEGALIZACE.CZ: Podle prvních tiskových prohlášení lucemburské vlády bude užívání marihuany legální jen pro trvalé obyvatele. Nastupující vládní koalice v Lucemburku potvrdila, že v zemi zlegalizuje rekreační užívání konopí. Podle dnešního prohlášení spotřebitelské skupiny Consumer Choice Center (CCC) je legalizace součástí koaličního manifestu na příštích pět let. Skupina to komentuje slovy, že „se to mělo stát mnohem dříve.“ Politický analytik […]

Consumers are paying for government’s failure to understand cannabis

Cannabis is a unique and versatile product. Unfortunately, regulators at all levels fail to really understand how cannabis is used, which has led to numerous policy mishaps. Simply put, federal, provincial and municipal legislators have made many mistakes when it comes to cannabis regulations. These mistakes have hindered consumers when it comes to price, supply […]

The fallacy of the meat tax

Bill Wirtz examines the shortcomings of the proposed tax on red meat. In a recent publication for the University of Oxford, Dr. Marco Springmann and James Martin, both Fellows at the Oxford Martin School argue for the introduction of additional taxes on red meat. Springmann makes the case that taxing products such as bacon could save thousands […]

Experts argue allowing municipalities to opt out of cannabis shops could boost black market

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: That sentiment was echoed by David Clement, manager of North American affairs for the Consumer Choice Center. “Community opt-outs and limited storefronts is a toxic combination which pretty much guarantees that the black market will thrive,” he said. “Capping retail outlets and having entire communities opt out makes the legal market in Ontario […]

Les chercheurs influencent le prix de votre alimentation

Sur la foi d’une nouvelle étude prétendument scientifique, certains voudraient taxer la viande rouge. Mais ne devrions-nous pas être aptes à choisir nous-même sans interférence ?  Dans une publication récente pour l’Université d’Oxford, le Dr Marco Springmann plaide en faveur de l’introduction de taxes supplémentaires sur la viande rouge. Springmann soutient que les produits comme le […]

Huge disparities in European breast cancer care shown by new index

With nearly 100,000 women lose their life to breast cancer every year in the European Union it is the most lethal cancer diagnosis for women in the EU. And while health systems of the 28 different Member States have made progresses in providing better care, chances of early diagnosis and state of the art treatment depends heavily […]

«Pas de commerce de cannabis dans ma ville» : des Ontariens prônent une prohibition locale

Porte-parole de l’organisation Consumer’s Choice Centre, David Clement croit que les villes font fausse route en voulant interdire les points de vente de cannabis. Photo : Radio-Canada/Christian Noël David Clement vit à Oakville. Il est aussi porte-parole de l’organisation Consumer’s Choice Centre. Selon lui, les villes qui songent à interdire la vente de cannabis sur […]

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