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Consumers make dozens of daily decisions when shopping or looking to fix something in their flat. We fight for consumers’ choice to make these decisions with as little government interference as possible. Many laws are well-intended but lead to negative unintended consequences such as higher prices for consumers, criminalization of victimless acts, and the emergence of counterfeited products and smuggled products on black markets.


Promoting smarter regulations and the modernization of alcohol laws that will best promote consumer choice.

Promoting Smart Cannabis Policies in Canada, the US, and Europe 

Forming an alliance of over 25 parliamentarians to protect brand freedom in the European Union 

Showing the benefits of free trade for consumers 

Promoting reform of the legal system for tort law in the United States

Advocating for Choice in Fashion 

Supporting less harmful ways of consuming nicotine such as vaping and other harm reduction technologies 

Helping to make beer more accessible for consumers in Ontario and North Carolina and we joined this coalition

Showing how sugar taxes especially hit low income households 

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