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Harm reduction should drive all drug policy

Harm reduction-based policies are known to reduce the incidence of overdose, lower disease transmission rates and reduce the presence of organized crime, writes Heather Bone. When the Canadian government introduced legislation to legalize cannabis, the rationale was clear: Canada would abandon a model of prohibition in order to, in the words of Justice Minister Jody […]

Davos, è l’anno della marijuana: la cannabis conquista gli investitori

24OREMONDO: Secondo il Consumer Choice Center, che organizza a Davos il Cannabis Conclave, l’evento sarà utilissimo per accelerare il dibattito sulla legalizzazione in Europa e per mostrare quanto sia legittimo e maturo il settore in varie parti del Nord e Sud America.

A Patently Reasonable Approach to Addressing Pharmaceutical Prices

We seem to be at an impasse when it comes to getting the prices of prescription drugs under control for patients while at the same time fostering innovation. This need not be the case. The left and the right have their own ideological approaches, none of which will advance given current political reality. Progress will […]

Canadian legal cannabis prices nearly 50 percent higher than black market prices

420 INTEL: David Clement, the North American affairs manager for consumer advocacy group Consumer Choice Centre, said that it’s unsurprising that prices of cannabis have risen.      Clement said that in legalizing marijuana, products are now subject to both federal and provincial taxes in addition to licensing costs and numerous other fees associated with running […]

Canada’s Cannabis Prices Increase After Legalization

CULTURE MAGAZINE: “The taxes and fees create prices that are high out of the gate, and then a lack of competition prevents those prices from being slowly pushed down,” said David Clement, the North American affairs manager for the Consumer Choice Center. The money generated from taxes and licensing go to fund the cannabis program, and Clement […]

Kanada: Neue Statistiken zeigen Probleme mit dem legalen Cannabis-Markt

Das liege vor allem an den hohen Kosten, die auf legale Unternehmen zukommen. Pro Jahr lägen die Kosten, um den Bestimmungen des Cannabis Act gerecht zu werden, bei mehreren Millionen Dollar, sagte David Clement, Direktor des Consumer Choice Center, gegenüber CBC. Außerdem ließen Steuern und Gebühren die Preise in die Höhe steigen. Durch die praktisch […]

[EU] OPC: Ex post evaluation of the impact of the trade chapters of the EU’s Association Agreements with six EuroMed countries

Objective of the consultation:

The aim of this public consultation is to collect information, views and opinions on the effectiveness, efficiency, coherence and relevance of the EU-Mediterranean Association Agreements’ trade chapters with Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia. The results of the consultation serve as input for the evaluation of the impacts of these Agreements, a project jointly conducted by Ecorys, CASE and FEMISE on behalf of the European Commission. For more background information on the project please consult the following website. The consultation will be open for 12 weeks.

1. Were you aware of an FTA between the EU and the Southern Mediterranean region prior to hearing about this evaluation?


2. To what extent do you believe that the FTAs have met the following objectives related to the bilateral relations between the EU and the Southern Mediterranean region?

 Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly AgreeNo opinion / do not know
The FTAs have promoted trade relations     X 
The FTAs have promoted fair competition    X 
The FTAs have expanded harmonious economic relations    X 
The FTAs have expanded harmonious social relations    X 
The FTAs have established the conditions necessary for the gradual liberalisation of trade in goods, services and capital    X 

3. Please provide an explanation of how the FTAs have led to this impact:

Trade is not zero-sum, it is an exchange from which consumers on both sides benefit hence why FTAs are so important. An increase in the supply of particular goods and/or services from abroad under FTAs boosts competition and thus leads to lower prices. On the other hand, trade protectionism gives an unfair advantage to domestic producers at the expense of consumers. FTAs should aim to create a fair and equitable environment in which domestic and foreign producers are encouraged to compete based on the value they have to offer to consumers. Additionally, FTAs tend to mitigate anti-foreign bias by building cooperation bridges between various nations. FTAs are about interstate cooperation, increased choice, and cheaper products.

4. To what extent do you believe the FTAs have met the following objectives related to regional cooperation?

 Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly AgreeNo opinion / do not know
The FTAs have increased trade and cooperation within the Southern Mediterranean region  X   
The FTAs have increased trade and cooperation between the region and the EU and it Member States   X  

5. Please provide an explanation of how the FTAs have led to this impact:

Despite the number of regional trade agreements, intra-regional trade in the Southern Mediterranean region is still poorly developed. The EU, as the largest trade partner of the region, has played an important role in encouraging the creation of the Southern Mediterranean free trade area. However, it is crucial that the region itself first makes a choice in favour of building stronger regional ties and then acts upon it keeping in mind all its economic, political and cultural particularities.

6. To what extent are the FTAs between the EU and Southern Mediterranean region coherent with the following policies? (Click on the name of the policy for more information.)

 IncoherentPartially CoherentFully CoherentNo opinion / do not know
European Neighbourhood Policy  X 
Association Agreements  X 
Action Plans  X 
Partnership Priorities  X 
Current EU Trade policy  X 

70. What are the most positive aspects of the FTAs between the EU and the Southern Mediterranean region?

The fact that the number of EU imports from the Southern Mediterranean region has been continuously growing since 2016 is definitely one of the key successes. Additionally, the FTAs have clearly fostered cooperation and international understanding between regions.

合法化後供不應求 大麻價格漲逾17%

負監督全球監管政策的消費者權益組織——消費者選擇中心(Consumer Choice Centre)的北美事務經理克萊門特(David Clement)表示,大麻價格上漲很正常,有兩個主要因素推高了大麻成本:稅收和缺乏競爭。 克萊門特表示,合法就代表要繳納省稅和聯邦稅,加上生產商的許可執照費用和固定開支成本,這些費用都轉嫁給最終用戶。他說:「執行大麻法案中的規則和條例,每年就要花費5億元,政府自然要從許可執照費上獲取收入來彌補開支。」

Für die Freiheit der Konsumenten: Ein Interview mit Bill Wirtz

Bill Wirtz, ein Policy Analyst des Consumer Choice Center, spricht über die Gefahren, die vom Nanny State ausgehen. Bill, Du arbeitest für den Consumer Choice Center (CCC). Kannst Du uns einen kurzen Überblick, darüber geben, was Euer Ziel ist? Klar! Das Consumer Choice Center ist eine weltweit aktive Gruppe von Verbrauchern die sich für Wahlfreiheit […]

Price of pot is up since legalization, StatsCan finds

CBC NEWS: David Clement said it’s not surprising that the price of pot has risen. The North American affairs manager for the Consumer Choice Centre, a consumer advocacy group that monitors regulatory policy around the globe, said there are two main factors pushing up cannabis costs — taxes and lack of competition. The taxes and fees create prices that […]

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