Month: January 2019

Записки з Давосу: сині шапки і перші політичні дебати-2019

Давос також є центром майбутніх ідей та прогресу. Цього року найбільше запам’ятались одразу два заходи, присвячені канабісу. Один – канадський, другий – від Consumer Choice Center.

How protectionism hinders progress

Imagine you’ve been on the team with the same people for decades, growing rice let’s say. You are well aware of the capabilities of your colleagues, and you are on good terms with your boss. More importantly, you have developed a working schedule for yourself, and have been sticking to it deliberately – repeating the […]

Sin taxes are taxes on the poor

Nanny-state types know this. They just don’t care. In Britain, Europe and across the world, taxes on tobacco, alcohol and sugar are used by governments to try to push people into what they deem to be healthier lifestyles. Indeed, nanny-state policies are infesting Europe through its political institutions. In a recent memo, the European Commission set out plans […]

Global consumer advocate says legal pot is good for communities

The Consumer Choice Center is confirming what marijuana advocates have been saying for a long time. It said smart regulation of cannabis will reduce violent crime and boost economic gains. Those are some of the findings in its policy paper on the regulation of cannabis. “It is clear that legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational consumption […]

Davos: al summit del capitalismo globale la protagonista è la cannabis

E’ considerato il summit del capitalismo globale, dove si incontrano banchieri, Ceo e capi di Stato e di governo. Quest’anno è stato invaso dalla cannabis, con incontri e tavole rotonde perché è ormai uno dei più promettenti settori economici, con rapide prospettive di crescita in grado di attirare l’interesse degli investitori internazionali. Da oggi a giovedì 24 gennaio al World Economic Forum […]

Conclave da Cannabis é realizado junto a Fórum Mundial em Davos

Com proposta de discutir a globalização, Fórum Econômico Mundial, em Davos, na Suíça, recebe a elite global, que terá a oportunidade de conversar com outra elite, a da maconha, em evento chamado Conclave da Cannabis. Conclave da Cannabis A elite global que está presente em Davos para o encontro anual do Fórum Econômico Mundial se […]

A new crowd is joining the world’s movers and shakers at Davos’ elite party this year — marijuana growers

The first ever ‘Cannabis Conclave’ — held at an alpine restaurant only accessible by cable car — is a sign of growing legitimacy for the business The global elite are on their way to the Swiss alpine town of Davos for the World Economic Forum’s annual gathering, but this year a new group is joining the […]

Cannabis elite descend on Davos to familiarize global elite with sector

A bevy of company executives and former politicians — all of whom are now involved in the burgeoning legal cannabis industry — are expected to attend what is being billed as the first ever “Cannabis Conclave,” a three-hour lunch at an alpine restaurant only accessible by cable car. Attendees of the event at Restaurant Höhenweg will be able to […]

La curieuse balance de la Cour de justice européenne

La CJUE s’est récemment prononcée en faveur de la politique pro-européenne plutôt qu’en faveur de la réduction des risques santé. La Cour de justice de l’Union européenne (CJUE) a décidé de ne pas renverser l’interdiction du tabac snus (poudre de tabac humide). La cour motive cette décision par une argumentation de politique de santé publique. […]

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