August 2022

Hello there!
Our team has been working around the clock to defend you and your consumer choice! Let me take you through the last few weeks.

Just another misguided attempt to improve sustainability
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  is moving to essentially ban the commonly used pesticide atrazine. The current administration is weaponising for its political ambitions cutting down on pesticides, even if it is contrary to its own scientific advice. Bill writes that this move would increase food insecurity and prices at a time when American consumers can afford it the least. But do the environmentalists know that this ban would harm the environment?

Yael gives his thoughts on student loan forgiveness
Yael was recently interviewed on Hot Talk 99.5FM by host Joe Catenacci. He expressed his skepticism about Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, especially in the light of current high inflation. He stressed the importance of reforming the federal loan system, without which, we would just be endorsing bad behavior of taking out huge loans 

We know just how to ease the plasma shortage in Canada

Plasma is a valuable resource used to make medicines that treat burns, immune deficiencies, and respiratory diseases, but unfortunately, Canada produces only enough to meet 13.5 of the national demand. 80 per cent of Canada’s plasma therapies are derived using plasma from American donors, who are compensated for their donations. David writes that if we want to decrease reliance on imports and increase domestic supply, we just need to start compensating plasma donors.

Catch up on the latest episodes of our podcasts

The weekend is almost here, and if you were looking into what podcasts to listen to, we have great recommendations for you. In the latest episode of ConsEUmer podcast, Bill talks about the crackdown on private jets in France and discusses a potential EU ban on nicotine product sales for people born after 2010.  As for Consumer Choice Radio, we welcome David back from his dad leave, and he’s ready to share tips and tricks for new dads. David and Yael also take time to rant about ArriveCan and Canada’s COVID restrictions and give some thoughts on alcohol recommendations. 
ConsEUmer Podcast
Consumer Choice Radio

Checking in on the bees

Bill has been on fire recently, writing an op-ed after op-ed. This time he’s checking in to see how the bees are doing. Turns out they’re just fine. As opposed to the widespread claim that bees are dying because of certain pesticides, evidence shows a different picture. The number of bee colonies in the United States has been stable for 30 years, and the regional declines in bee populations are often due to a reduced demand for beeswax or honey, which makes beekeepers shrink their supply of managed bees

Another great addition to the CCC team  🎉

The Consumer Choice team keeps growing! Say hello to our Junior Graphic Designer Elena Podaneva. Elena has worked with global brands across many sectors, and she is also focusing on applying her skill sets to social causes. We are glad to increase team #consumerchoice and fight the good fight!
That’s a wrap for this month! Stay tuned on all of our social media channels for more info on our current activities. If you want to support our work, please consider making a donation HERE

David Clement
North American Affairs Manager

July 2022

Hello there!
Throughout July, the CCC team has been avidly defending consumer choice across the world. Here’s a recap of some of our accomplishments from this past month!

The U.S. sports betting index is out!
Want to know which states outlaw sports betting, where and how consumers can place bets and who controls betting? We’ve got you covered! Our latest index ranked all 50 states according to how consumer friendly and accessible their sports betting market is. Download the full paper to know why it is so important to have sports betting legal!

The United States should fully embrace harm reduction
Harm reduction is one of the key pillars of President Biden’s National Drug Control Strategy, but those addicted to nicotine are not given a proper chance to switch to less harmful alternatives. Juul labs were recently denied the ability to continue selling vaping devices, much to the joy of public health officials. Yael writes that 40 million smokers in the US deserve the opportunity to switch to a less harmful product to satisfy their addiction. 

The CCC team is growing

We’re excited to welcome Tarmizi bin Anuwar to our team as country associate Malaysia. Tarmizi has extensive experience in Malaysia’s political and civil society movements and will use his expertise to defend consumer choice and freedom in his home country.

Proposed crypto surveillance rules will harm consumers!
Our crypto fellow recently published a blog post, evaluating the EU’s proposed crypto surveillance rules. He says that rules introduce regulations that are far from technologically neutral, are detrimental to innovation, and will harm consumers who depend on cryptocurrency services. And of course, he’s offering more consumer friendly alternatives to these regulations that promote innovation, protect consumers, and create a better ecosystem that will benefit all Europeans.

The municipal broadband network fairytale doesn’t have a happy ending for consumers.

A historic $65 billion investment has been allocated to bolster broadband throughout the country. Consumers want access to high speed internet at reasonable prices, but Liz and Yael claim that municipal broadband networks won’t get them there. Instead, they offer viable solutions to the common obstacles preventing consumers from accessing high speed internet. Make sure to read our latest paper on the dangers of municipal broadband!

Our second staff retreat in Tbilisi

Our team members gathered in the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi, for our second retreat of the year. Working remotely from different countries around the world, staff retreats are something every team member looks forward to. We finally got the chance to talk in person, catch up, evaluate our year so far and discuss our plans and strategy for the remainder of it. I guess we could say we’re trying to live in the moment and that’s why we forgot to take a group photo. Sorry!
Thank you for your attention, as you can see it’s been quite a productive month! We have a lot of projects in progress, so make sure to follow our social media to be the first to know about them!

Luka Dzagania
Graphic Designer

June 2022

Want to know what the Consumer Choice Center team has been up to for the past month? Let’s go through some of our best moments together

European Railway Station Index 2022 is out!

Want to know which European cities offer the best experience for passengers traveling by train? We’ve got you covered. We looked at Europe’s 50 largest railway stations and ranked them in terms of passenger experience and a mix of factors ranging from how crowded platforms are and accessibility to the number of destinations. This year’s leader is Zurich HB followed by Frankfurt Main hbf and Munchen hbf. Make sure to read the full paper for more information on this!

Crossover episode between ConsEUmer podcast and Consumer Choice Radio

We had the hosts of ConsEUmer podcast and Consumer Choice Radio join their forces and deliver an amazing episode discussing G7 – politicians becoming jokers, Macron making a case for American oil and also giving an advice how tip in North America – very useful one for Europeans traveling across the atlantic. This also happens to be 80th episode of ConsEUmer podcast, give it a listen! 

FDA’s Menthol Melee hosted by Yael

In response to the FDA’s proposed rules to outlaw both menthol cigarettes and all flavors in cigars, we hosted our own session, called the Menthol Melee. Yael brought together community organizers, law enforcement, researchers, and policy experts who talked about why the FDA’s proposed bans on flavored cigars and menthol cigarettes will do more harm than good, emphasizing the impact these bans will have on minority communities, interactions between police and citizens, illicit markets and safety, public health, and more. If you haven’t already, make sure to watch the full video!

Instead of embracing harm reduction, Canada is taking a step in the wrong direction

Ottawa is not only targeting vape flavours but also scaling up taxation. Targeting vaping with flavour bans and high taxation will certainly discourage people from vaping but it will also encourage some former smokers to go back to cigarettes and keep some current smokers from switching to vaping. Vaping is an effective harm reduction tool and should be incorporated into any plans of achieving a smoke-free society, as has already been done in the United Kingdom.

War-induced food crisis in Europe could serve as a good example for the US

The European Union’s ambitious Farm to fork strategy, among others aiming to reduce farmland by 10 percent, and cut pesticide use in half, has been put on hold due to war-induced food crisis, with Macron making it clear that now is not a good time for such drastic changes. Lawmakers in the United States have, in the past, attempted to copy European Union food regulations, but hopefully, the current European crisis will serve as a good example of why this is not such good of an idea for a country that has already fallen behind China and India on the worldwide scale of food production.

Not in my backyard mentality in crypto policy is a no-go!

In this blogpost, Yael points out everything that is wrong with the bill awaiting its fate in the Senate, that would impose a two-year moratorium on crypto mining permits, and launch an expansive environmental review. In times of such high inflation and having people who are locked out of the traditional finance and banking sector, their choices will become even more limited.
Thank you for your attention, as you can see it’s been quite a productive month! We have a lot of projects in progress, so make sure to follow our social mediato be the first to know about them!

May 2022

We’re back bringing you the latest updates from the team CCC. Let’s recap what we have been up to this past month!

Removing patent protection will cost us decades of progress

Member states of the World Trade Organization are discussing a draft agreement on TRIPS flexibility to waive intellectual property protections. If adopted, the agreement would legalise compulsory licencing, a practice that allows the government to hand out the right to produce COVID-19 vaccines without the consent of a patent owner. While the mass production of vaccines is a noble goal, Maria warns us that scraping patent protection will create a dangerous precedent and will put all future innovations in jeopardy.

Bees are doing just fine!

In his latest op-ed, Bill reiterates that declines of both managed and wild bees occur naturally through weather changes and the decisions of beekeepers about how many bees they currently need. Radical conservationists have blamed pesticides for the decline of bee population, even though there has been a 35% increase of beehives since 2000. Bill calls for journalists to do a better job at fact-checking and not to spread misinformation in their chase of catchy click baits.  

PFAS ban or EV transition? The choice is up to Democrats

Democrats have put electric vehicles at the heart of their climate ambitions. But little do they know that their green agenda can not be realized without PFAS, so-called forever chemicals that they want to ban altogether. In this op-ed, Maria and Anna pointed out that these chemicals are an essential part of green energy applications and argue that the ban will simply shift production to countries like China, giving them the upper hand for the production of EV battery, solar panels, and semiconductors.

Canada can learn a thing or two from the US on how to tackle a housing crisis

Our North American Affairs manager David has previously stated that exclusionary zoning is the root cause of the housing crisis. Recently, President Joe Biden voiced the same opinion and the federal government will be seeking to tackle this specific cause in their attempt to alleviate the crisis. The U.S. offers plenty of examples of state and municipal legislators carrying out dramatic zoning reforms which lead to decreasing rental prices. It’s time the Canadian government took and example, abolished exclusionary zoning and started building more houses

Keep an eye on our social media not to miss our first Index of the year

European Railway Stations Index 2022 is coming! We looked at Europe’s 50 largest railway stations and ranked them in terms of passenger experience and according to a mix of factors ranging from how crowded platforms are and accessibility to the number of destinations. Last year Leipzig Hauptbahnhof ended up in well-deserved first place, followed by Wien Hauptbahnhof.  Let’s see which railway station ends up leading the list of this year’s best railway stations.

Help us fight the Consumer Choice Supervillains

If you’re just as tired of being told what you can or can not consume as we are, we might have a solution for you. We need your help fighting consumer choice supervillains, like mini Michael Bloomberg and Sleepy Joe Biden, watch the video below to find out more!
That’s a wrap for this month! Make sure to follow us on our social mediachannels to get all the updates we couldn’t fit in here! See you next month

April 2022

The CCC team is back to deliver the latest updates! We have been working hard defending consumer choice around the world and we are excited to share our accomplishments with you!

Freedom to Choose – Our new podcast in Brazil!

Earlier this year, Fabio, our Head of Communications, launched “Liberdade para Escolher” (Freedom to Choose) – a brand new podcast in Portuguese. Freedom to Choose is the first program in Portuguese dedicated to consumer freedom. From market news, tech, and innovation, to laws and regulations. Each week, Fabio brings you, in a light and enjoyable way, the hottest topics that affect consumers, so you are always well informed.

What are you waiting for? Give it a listen and share it with your Portuguese-speaking friends!

Non-Alcoholic beer will be exempt from excise tax!

It’s always a pleasure to see a positive change in policies we have advocated for. Our North American Affairs Manager, David, wrote an amazing piece about the problem of subjecting non-alcoholized beer to federal excise taxes and explained the arguments against the tax at the meeting with the Department of Finance. Canada’s  Budget 2022 removes alcohol excise taxes on beer containing no more than 0.5% alcohol by volume. This is another great victory for Canadian consumers!This is a step in the right direction and hopefully the start of a national discussion on modernizing the alcohol excise duty structure. 

A new policy paper analyzing the ongoing housing crisis in Canada is out!

Housing affordability is the most pressing issue for young Canadians. Our favorite duo of David and Yael partnered up once again to deliver a great policy paper that analyses current government efforts to fix the problem, in vain. Paper argues that government efforts are not properly addressing the root of the problem- chronic undersupply and provides policy suggestions to better tackle the issue.

It’s time to legalize vaping in Brazil! We have until May 11th!

 In early April, the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) opened a public consultation to collect technical and scientific information on electronic smoking devices (DEFs), popularly known as “vaping”. ANVISA’s objective is to collect information to support its future decisions regarding the import, sale, and advertising of these devices in Brazil. Since 2009, vaping has been banned by ANVISA, but it’s time to change this outdated law!
 To contribute to the consultation is easy!Download the file we’ve prepared hereGo to ANVISA’s websiteFill out the form and upload the file into section 17.Submit!

US was right to warn the EU about green agriculture

It took a war in Ukraine for the EU to realize how damaging its green ambitions could be. The war in Ukraine threatens food security not only in the poorest countries in Africa but on the wealthy European continent too. Maria put together this amazing piece where she argues this whole drama could have been avoided had the EU been more realistic and listened to the US’s concerns about the unrealistic Farm to Fork strategy embedded in the European Green Deal.

Don’t be fooled by those who want to save you from tech monopolies

What could go wrong if we invite regulators to take more control of how large tech companies operate? Everything!Yael argues that if antitrust actions go too far they won’t deliver perfect competition and vast choice, as intended. It would simply deny internet consumers of innovative options and stall the entrepreneurial forces that have allowed them to grow and provide value.
That’s a wrap for this month! Make sure to follow us on our social media channels to get all the updates we couldn’t fit in here! See you next month

March 2022

Over the course of March, the CCC team has been passionately defending consumer choice across the world. Here’s a recap of some of our accomplishments from this month!

First Retreat of the year in the UAE

For the location of our first retreat we chose the leader of our pandemic resilience index, the United Arab Emirates. We were joined by our Fellows who updated the team on their progress in their respective fields. We got to spend a productive couple of days together in sunny Ajman and planned out our activities for the next couple of months!

Vape flavours are in danger and the CCC is here to fight for them!

Remember that last month Liz testified against Alaska’s proposed 75% vape tax? This month, her expertise was required in Connecticut. She testified at the Connecticut General Assembly’s Joint Public Health Committee on a proposed flavored vaping ban and explained how harmful it would be to public health and consumer choice. We hope the state of Connecticut acts in consumers’ best interest and doesn’t take vape flavours away from people trying to quit smoking. 

Blanket ban is not a way to go about PFAS

Calls for a complete ban of so-called forever chemicals are intensifying in the EU. Maria wrote an amazing piece explaining why the blanket ban is so problematic and argues that this is an issue that requires careful and ideology-free risk analysis. The EU should strive to protect consumers, but by banning all PFAS, we risk disrupting supply chains and opening up the room for illicit trade, which would be detrimental to consumers.

Catch up on the latest episodes of the ConsEUmer podcast

In this month’s episodes, you can get insightful discussions on topics, such as the ongoing war in Ukraine, Germany’s nuclear reversal, new crypto regulations, and more. One of the episodes is co-hosted by Fabio and as a bonus, we even get a special episode recorded during our staff retreat in the UAE! 

Avoid government-run broadband when connecting Michigan residents

Michigan has $100 million to spare for expanding broadband and internet coverage across the state. Liz argues that a better solution is to close the digital divide in Michigan and help broadband consumers to bolster competition. Many private broadband service providers are able to expand or upgrade their services where there is demand, without burdening taxpayers like municipal broadband networks do.

New Labeling system coming to the EU

The EU’s harmonised front-of-pack nutrition labeling system aims to encourage consumers to shift to healthier diets and will be mandatory across all EU countries. Bill presented at a Webinar organised by the Austrian Economics Center and made a case against mandatory labeling, arguing that there is no need for an EU regulation in the first place.  Government bureaucrats should not be giving us advice on what we should and should not consume. With informational tools at hand, individuals should make their own choices without coercion from the government.
That’s a wrap for this month! Make sure to follow us on our social media channels to get all the updates we couldn’t fit in here! See you next month

February 2022

The world is in turmoil right now, but the Consumer Choice Center team is trying to stay positive and productive. Here’s what we have been up to this February.

Something’s holding back the Electric Vehicle Revolution..

David joined the video crew at Learn Liberty to try to answer some of the important questions about what is deterring mass adoption of electric vehicles. Make sure to watch the whole video, but here’s a little spoiler for you – dealer-franchise laws and higher registration fees than those on gasoline-powered vehicles. Government intervention, who would have thought?

Catch up with Consumer Choice Radio

This month, we have had some great episodes on Consumer Choice Radio. But I want to draw your attention to this particular one. In the first part, David and Yael discuss Freedom Convoy and the Canadian Conservative leadership race. Then, they’re joined by Joseph Annotti who reveals science on PFAS and argues that regulators should slow down their efforts to ban some of these vital products. 

Colombia is giving Uber a hard time

Colombia and Uber have had turbulent relationship for the past 9 years. Just like in other parts of the world, Uber has seen great resistance from local taxi companies and drivers. This sharing economy platform remains illegal and passengers have to take a front seat to avoid unnecessary attention from police, which can result in fines and/or confiscation of the vehicle. Read our blogpost below to find out how these restrictions suppress entrepreneurial spirit and limit consumer choice.

75% vape tax? No, we didn’t miss the period

Alaska is proposing a 75% vape tax. Liz testified at the Alaska State Legislature’s Senate Finance Committee and on proposed tax and how that would be harmful to public health and consumer choice. She made sure the voice of consumers, who rely on vape products in their attempt to give up smoking, was heard. 

Let’s not go back to what farming once was!

Did you know that without pesticides, crop losses would be between 50 and 80%, which in turn would lead to higher food prices, and shortages leading to queues in front of supermarkets the likes of which we only experience in times of crisis. No one wants that right? Bill argues that rejecting the notion of using pesticides altogether and going “back to basics” will not only reduce the availability of products, but also fail to guarantee the safety of food.

Vape Flavours matter and CCC keeps fighting against their bans!

Vape flavours are the main draw for people looking to quit smoking, this is a fact and we’re here to fight against proposed bans whenever that might be. Yaël testified at the Maine State Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services on a proposed bill that would outlaw the sale of flavored vaping products, depriving adult smokers of less harmful options.
Thanks for sticking with us! As you can see it’s been quite a productive month! We have a lot of projects in progress, so make sure to follow our social media to be the first to know about them!

January 2022

While it was a blue month, January has been productive for us at the CCC team. New advisers and fellows, TV show appearances, the release of our highly anticipated Pandemic Resilience Index 2022 – and much more!So let’s see what exactly we’ve been up to!


New advisers joining the CCC

We are thrilled to announce that Lord Wharton and Alexander Kvitashvili have joined us as advisers. We are confident their exceptional expertise will help us elevate the voice of consumers. Read what the new advisers have to say about joining the CCC!

Pandemic Resilience Index 2022

The Pandemic Resilience Index 2022 has a newly crowned champion. After being ranked second on last year’s index, the UAE tops the chart, closely followed by Cyprus. The change in the ranking is largely due to booster vaccine rollout delays. Want to know how your country ranks in terms of the health system’s resilience to Covid-19 and similar crises? 

The CCC team is growing! 

The CCC team is growing and we are excited to welcome Simon Lee as a new policy fellow who will be focusing on Taiwan issues. In the past twenty-five years, government, public institutions, and private enterprises seek his assessments, analyses, and strategic advice on economic and regulatory issues. We’re excited to have him as part of our team and looking forward to seeing all the great work he will undertake for consumer choice. 

Smoking numbers are rising and we know just who to blame for this

Yaël wrote this fire of a blogpost addressing the reasons behind the recent spike in smoking numbers. Science says vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking and a great tool for smokers looking to quit (and we have millions of vapers around the world who can attest to it). Unfortunately,  the public health lobby’s persistent denialism of harm reduction and their stance against vape and other harm-reducing alternatives to cigarettes has been extremely harmful. If we want to reclaim a true public health victory and help smokers quit to give them long and fruitful lives, it is time to cast aside this aversion to the innovations of the market. 


Crop protection products that keep food safe and affordable – and that’s a fact

In his latest article, Bill debunks myths used as arguments by a Belgian environmentalist NGO. A ban on crop protection tools threatens the livelihood of farmers, the food security of European countries, and can further increase food prices that are already affected by inflation. With the rising population we can’t afford a drop in food productivity!

David on Counterpoint but this time as a guest host!

David has made multiple appearances on Counterpoint, discussing pressing issues concerning Canada, and this month he even got to host the TV show. As a guest host, he was joined by economist Ash Navabi and secondstreet.org President Colin Craig for an honest assessment of Canada’s fragile front line healthcare system and whether a private healthcare option might actually help.
That’s a wrap for this month! We’re excited to see what this year has to offer. Make sure to follow us on social media for all the great updates!

December 2021

Happy Holidays!
As we approach the end of 2021, we’d like to recap some of our favorite moments from this busy and successful year in consumer choice activism! 

31 000 members worldwide

The Consumer Choice Center has been around for 4 years now! We have been featured in hundreds of news outlets around the globe and this year alone we had more than 1000 media hits! It seems like our work hasn’t gone unnoticed, as our member count keeps increasing daily and so far we can boast 31,000 members worldwide! We feel honored that you have chosen us to work with you to defend your consumer choice!

CCC Among the Best New Think Tanks

We had a great start to this year. We were announced as one of the best new think tanks by Wharton University of Pennsylvania. The Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) examines the evolving role and character of public policy research organizations and aims to acknowledge the important contributions and emerging global trends of think tanks worldwide. This recognition has definitely given us even more motivation to keep fighting for a cause so dear to all of us!

Research must go on!

This year has been the most fruitful in terms of new research! Policy notes on Deconstructing the War on Plastics, Dental Insurance, Sharing Economy Index 2021, Pandemic Resilience Index, policy note on Smart Crypto Regulation. These are just a few of the topics we worked on and our research manager Maria tops the chart with 7 publications that she co-authored this year! Make sure to check out the full list of our publications

Yael’s and David’s radio show going strong!

Yael and David started their modest radio show back in 2020 and little did they know they’d soon become hosts of the internationally syndicated radio show, now with more than 100 episodes under their belt. Our weeks have definitely become more enjoyable listening to all the interesting topics they discuss with top experts from various fields! If you haven’t already, make sure to give the radio show a follow on Twitter and be sure to subscribe to the podcast version!

Policy victories

 This spring a new law was proposed in Mexico, that would require a national audiovisual content quota of 15%. We hosted a successful webinar and entire online campaign discussing the negative effects this policy would have on consumers that caught the attention of dozens of local news outlets. Thankfully the law has been delayed and Mexican consumers still have an opportunity to choose what to watch from the vast streaming catalog.  

Up north in Canada, our Northern American Affairs manager David has advocated for the allowance of paid plasma donation and we’re happy to see that Alberta will no longer be depending on foreign import of this valuable resource. Here’s to hoping other provinces follow Alberta’s lead. 

In Europe, the European Parliament recently voted to support reducing the harm caused by smoking. We have published multiple studies on the importance of embracing harm reduction and we’re happy to see that European consumers will not be denied the opportunity to switch to less harmful alternatives to cigarettes.

CCC team keeps growing

The year 2021 has been a year of growth for us. We welcomed 4 new staffers and 8 new fellows onto our very international team! We are excited to watch the team grow and are always on the lookout for new talent!

The ConsEUmer podcast among the best EU podcasts!

The ConsEUmer Podcast, hosted by our senior policy analyst Bill, was named as one of the best European Union Podcasts of 2021. The podcast offers insightful commentary on the hottest EU related topics and features experts and policy makers from various fields. We’re excited to see the podcast receive the recognition it truly deserves!

Staff Retreat in Venice

Working from 4 different continents and multiple timezones, we’re always looking forward to seeing each other in person, outside traditional zoom calls. We wrapped the year 2021 in Venice during our third staff retreat of the year and took time to plan out our strategy for the upcoming year. We have a lot of plans, so keep an eye on our social media channels for the upcoming projects and campaigns!
Thanks for sticking with us throughout this eventful and challenging year. The fight continues and we will surely be on the front lines of defending your freedom to choose.

Christmas Bonus: we created our version of the classic poem from Clement Clarke Moore, “Twas a Night Before Christmas” from 1822 


December 2020

Happy Holidays!

The year 2020 was definitely not a fun year for many consumers.

But with the approval of COVID vaccine(s), there is light at the end of the tunnel.

While my home country Germany is proud of being the birthplace of the first vaccine, patients will have to wait for its approval. Countries like the UK, the US, and Canada are already more advanced and have already begun vaccinating vulnerable patients.

Furthermore, the European Commission sees the current crisis as an opportunity to centralize drug pricing and reimbursement decisions away from national governments. We see this as a threat to patient access and innovation in Europe.

Fortunately, we were able to find 30 Members of the European Parliament from across the aisle to co-sign our letter to the European Commission opposing this so-called pharmaceutical strategy.

Launching a New Podcast! 🎧

Our Bill Wirtz was so impressed by David and Yaël’s work on the Consumer Choice Radio show that he launched ConsEUmer, a weekly podcast covering EU politics. 
Make sure to subscribe to ConsEUmer here: consumerchoicecenter.org/conseumer
Available on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and many other streaming services!

Covid-Friendly Protest in Brussels! 

While COVID did not allow us much in-person work this year, the CCC joined the World Vapers’ Alliance cardboard protest in front of the EU Parliament. Protesting 2020-style!

Vaping in California

Success in California on vape flavor ban – the ban is delayed! You can find our coalition letter opposing the vape flavor ban here.

Is Facebook a Monopoly?

And in times where social media is one of the few means of socially distanced communication, the CCC is fighting anti-consumer actions in US antitrust — Find Yael’s piece on why the FTC gets it wrong here.

Targeted Advertising

Why banning or restricting targeted advertisement on both sides of the Atlantic is bad news for consumers.

12 Tips for Shopping Online

Our Holiday Gift to You: 12 consumer tips during the festive season to shop safely online.

Canadian Plastics Ban

In Canada, the Federal government has announced a new plastic ban and has labelled plastic as a schedule 1 toxin under CEPA. David Clement published two op-eds on this topic, one in the Financial Post in October and again in theToronto Sun in December. More to come on this hot issue!

Make the milk more affordable

Supply Management – Our David Clement keeps fighting the battle against expensive dairy, poultry, and eggs in Canada. 
The Financial Post published his latest stance on this important consumer issue, and the Western Producer used his comments to directly challenge the government on their support of supply management.

Several Members of Parliament were challenged by journalists after David got published #HOTSEAT

European Green Deal

In The Parliament Magazine, Bill Wirtz asks how much the European Green Deal will cost consumers. Can we afford to pay more for electricity and daily consumption goods? A new impact assessment by the European Commission confirms our worst fears.

Pro Innovation in Agriculture in Italy

Great news! A new pro-innovation agriculture amendment law was passed yesterday in the Italian parliament. In 2021, Italy will have its own impact assessment on the Farm to Fork strategy. 


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