New REIT to provide real estate capital to cannabis industry

BISNOW: “If entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry will be able to access capital and loans similar to firms in practically every other industry, that will be a huge boon to businesses and to consumers alike. At present, the current situation requires business owners in the cannabis space to operate in incredibly risky territory: the federal government […]

Banning cannabis at local level is bad policy

When the provincial Minister of Finance Vic Fideli announced Ontario’s cannabis roll out plan, most, if not all, in the cannabis space rejoiced regarding the move from public retail, to private retail. Private retail significantly increases consumer access, which is a key component for curbing the black market. Not only does private retail curb the […]

Minor changes could have a major positive impact on Ontario’s cannabis plan

On Aug. 13, Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fideli announced the government’s plan for cannabis legalization. The keystone of the Progressive Conservatives’ policy is a reversal of the public retail monopoly model proposed by the former Liberal government, to instead opt for private retail provincewide. Although cannabis will be legal in October this year, storefronts won’t be available […]

Group says province’s pot plan has major flaws

KITCHENERTODAY: An official with the Consumer Choice Center says the move to private retail for the sale of legal cannabis in Ontario is a “big win” for consumers. “Private retail is more accessible, more likely to stamp out the black market, it’s more consumer friendly.” said David Clement, who is North American Affairs Manager for […]

Cannabis Industry Reacts to Ontario’s Retail Strategy

CANNABIS INVESTING NEWS: David Clement, a Toronto-based North American affairs manager at the Consumer Choice Center, said the decision by Ontario to embrace private retail is a win for consumers and smart public policy. Clement added that not having stores with the start of legalization in Canada means consumers will continue to buy cannabis from […]

Why Is the Nanny State so Popular?

FEE: Bans on plastic straws, soda taxes, bans on diesel cars, the crackdown on smoking, restrictions on alcohol consumption: the list of restrictions on people’s personal freedoms is steadily increasing. But why is the Nanny State so popular?

Arizona Cannabis Advocates Lost A Chance at Legalization Because They Can’t Agree

HERB.CO: But the state and its industry reps still want legalization, it’s just not clear what that will look like at this time. A February poll, conducted by OH Predictive Insights and the Consumer Choice Center, found that 62 percent of Arizona voters approved of treating cannabis just like alcohol.

‘Pot Banks’: The Answer for a Budding Industry?

When California voters approved Proposition 64 in November 2016, the Golden State became effectively the largest jurisdiction in the world to legalize recreational sale and use of cannabis. On January 1 of this year, when recreational sales were legalized, politicians, tax collectors, and business owners already were seeing green. The state estimates it will collect […]

Consumer Choice Center applauds Colorado’s steps to legalize cannabis tasting rooms

MG RETAILER: Yaël Ossowski, deputy director of the Consumer Choice Center, calls the motion a “historic” step in providing establishments for safe and legal cannabis use, much like taprooms for beer and wine lounges for wine.

Are Canadian Legalization Laws Too Strict?

HIGH TIMES: North American Affairs Manager at Consumer Choice Center David Clement told High Times, “A lot of people aren’t aware of which cannabis products have THC in them, or which helps you sleep. It would be prohibited to put the desired effects [on packaging].” From a consumer safety standpoint, Mr. Clement adds, “We would love to have brands […]

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