Health Canada announces fees to recover costs of regulating cannabis

CHEK: The government says cost recovery will reduce the costs to Canadians, but the Consumer Choice Centre (CCC) says the new fees will just be passed on to consumers.

“Why are they estimating that it will cost over half a billion dollars in expenditure, not including law enforcement costs, to enforce the Cannabis Act?” CCC North American Affairs Manager David Clement said in a statement.

“This raises some serious red flags regarding the overly bureaucratic, and burdensome, framework that has been created in Ottawa. Surely there has to be a way that legalizes cannabis, enacts sensible consumer-focused regulation, without it costing half a billion dollars.”



About David Clement

David Clement is the North American Affairs Manager for the Consumer Choice Center and is based out of Oakville, Ontario. David holds a BA in Political Science and a MA in International Relations from Wilfrid Laurier University. Previously, David was the Research Assistant to the Canada Research Chair in International Human Rights. David has been regularly featured on the CBC, Global News, The Toronto Star and various other major Canadian news outlets.