Consumer Choice Center applauds Colorado’s steps to legalize cannabis tasting rooms

MG RETAILER: Yaël Ossowski, deputy director of the Consumer Choice Center, calls the motion a “historic” step in providing establishments for safe and legal cannabis use, much like taprooms for beer and wine lounges for wine.

Are Canadian Legalization Laws Too Strict?

HIGH TIMES: North American Affairs Manager at Consumer Choice Center David Clement told High Times, “A lot of people aren’t aware of which cannabis products have THC in them, or which helps you sleep. It would be prohibited to put the desired effects [on packaging].” From a consumer safety standpoint, Mr. Clement adds, “We would love to have brands […]

Is the U.S. Now Freer than Europe in Terms of Marijuana Decriminalization?

FEE: In many regards, Europe is lagging far behind the U.S. when it comes to legal marijuana, writes Consumer Choice Center’s Bill Wirtz.

Local Cannabis Regulations Are Creating Pockets of Prohibition

VOICE OF SAN DIEGO: By allowing cannabis lounges, San Diego area officials could remove consumers from public spaces and boost the local economy. The black market for alcohol is nearly non-existent in California because consumers have relatively easy legal access to those products.

Canadá, la ley prohibirá a las celebridades promocionar la marihuana

LA MARIHUANA: El Canadian Consumer Choice Center ha criticado enérgicamente las regulaciones canadienses sobre el envasado de marihuana. No solo limitan la promoción de las celebridades y el estilo de vida, sino que también limitan la información necesaria sobre la marca.

Canadian Law Will Prohibit Celebrities From Endorsing Cannabis

HIGH TIMES: David Clement of Consumer Choice Center explains, “All a criminal needs to do to pass off their product is to replicate this simple branding.”

Eyesore Marijuana Packaging Isn’t Healthy For Canadians Or Competition

HUFFINGTON POST CANADA: Last Monday, Health Canada unveiled its proposed guidance on how cannabis should be regulated, marketed and sold once it is fully legalized in later this year, likely in July or August. While the rules incorporate important and necessary standards, the restrictions on branding and logos, as well as the exhaustive warning requirements are, quite literally, […]

Canadian Advocacy Group Criticizes Marijuana Packaging Restrictions

HIGH TIMES: David Clement, the North American Affairs Manager at Consumer Choice Center, advocates on behalf of the consumer. Mr. Clement sees Canada’s potential restrictions as both dangerous and antithetical to consumer freedom.

Proposed pot packaging regs are ‘ridiculously hypocritical’: Consumer group

CALGARY HERALD: The Consumer Choice Center (CCC), an advocacy group that represents consumers in over 100 countries, says the restrictions will only limit consumer knowledge, choice, and encourage the black market.

Proposed marijuana packaging rules threaten choice and safety

DIGITAL JOURNAL: According to David Clement, the North American affairs manager at Washington, D.C.-based lobby group, Consumer Choice Center, Health Canada’s proposed packaging guidelines could threaten the choice and safety of consumers because they make it more difficult to make an informed decision.

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