Month: June 2018

USA gegen WHO-Zuckersteuern

NOVO ARGUMENTE: Die Trump-Regierung blockiert innerhalb der Weltgesundheitsorganisation die Forderung nach einer Zuckersteuer. Gut so, denn eine solche Steuer ist paternalistisch und gegen die Armen gerichtet.

Quand l’Europe s’en prend à nos bières préférées

L’ECHO: L’Union européenne annonce agir avec pour objectif de réduire la consommation d’alcool. L’idée la plus récente en la matière : changer la politique fiscale pour encourager le brassage des bières à faible teneur en alcool. Ce changement nuira à toutes les brasseries belges.

EU To Clamp Down On “Junk Food” Marketing

AMBULANCE TODAY: Bill Wirtz, Policy Analyst for the Consumer Choice Center (CCC) says it’s regrettable that the Council chooses a paternalistic approach over education.

New Brunswick’s nutrition policy goes too far

NEW BRUNSWICK TELEGRAPH-JOURNAL: Earlier this month the New Brunswick government unveiled its new “Healthier School Food Environment” policy at a news conference in Fredericton. At the news conference, Health Minister Brian Kenny listed a long list of food items that will now be prohibited from being served, or sold, at school.

How the Carolinas could suffer from Trump’s tariffs

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: In the last election and on the global stage, President Donald Trump talked tough on trade. It’s us versus them and we’re losing, he says. Put simply, he views the current trade deficit, when we import more from a country than we export to it, as detrimental to American jobs. Since January, that trade […]

Coffee doesn’t Cause Cancer and it shouldn’t need a Warning Label

MEDINDIA: Consumer Choice Center (CCC) Senior Fellow, Jeff Stier a long-time critic of Proposition 65, welcomed the news but says the decision’s reasoning doesn’t go far enough to limit the application of the troublesome law. “The basis for this decision is weak and leaves this ill-advised law largely in place for other equally safe products,” said […]

USDA Is Supposed to Regulate Animal Health, Not Animal Happiness

CATO: Last December, regulators at the U.S. Department of Agriculture ruffled a lot of feathers by withdrawing a regulation published on the final full day of the Obama administration that would have created new requirements for producers of “organic” eggs and poultry.

Les armes sournoises de l’Union européenne dans la « guerre commerciale »

LA CHRONIQUE AGORA: En réalité, c’est l’Union européenne qui a ouvert les hostilités dans la « guerre commerciale » en pratiquant un protectionnisme déguisé.

In dairy, a cutthroat U.S. business versus a Canadian cartel

BUFFALO NEWS: And American dairy interests aren’t the only ones exasperated by the Canadian system. Canada’s Consumer Choice Center estimated last year that Canada’s supply management systems for dairy, eggs and poultry cost families an extra $257 to $420 (USD) per year.

EU should protect its brands and legislate to reinforce them, Italian MEP says

EURACTIV: The EU should protect its brands as they have a great potential to make Europe competitive worldwide, right-wing MEP Stefano Maullu told EURACTIV.com in the context of the continuing ‘branding versus consumer welfare’ debate. The Consumer Choice Center (CCC) NGO recently launched the Brands Matter Working Group, whose main objective is to oppose the spread of […]

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