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The Counterfactual: What role do ENDS play in smoking cessation?

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The evidence actually supports significant effects on smoking cessation. The evidence is only unclear if you insist on looking away from it or imposing a far higher standard of certainty than on any other tobacco control measure. All evidence is unclear to some degree, but evidence from multiple sources triangulates to strongly suggest that vaping assists with smoking cessation and that e-cigarettes function as economic substitutes for cigarettes. This is exactly what we should expect.

Professor Kenneth Warner of the University of Michigan summarises the state of the evidence as follows:

Smoking cessation and harm reduction are compatible, not opposing strategies. There is nothing wrong with some of these smoking cessation measures, but there is much less evidence than WHO implies that they work at scale in real-world settings or reach the smokers who are at the greatest risk (those who don’t want to quit). But they are not alternatives to harm reduction approaches and they work in a different way. E-cigarettes are not primarily a smoking cessation treatment (though they can be that as well) but work as a much safer consumer alternative to cigarettes for people who want to use nicotine.

WHO overstates its own role in addressing smoking. Nor are they the same as the measures promoted by WHO at last year’s World No Tobacco Day – Commit to Quit – when WHO launched a year-long campaign to help 100 million people quit tobacco. A year on we have heard little of this and no progress report. A year later, these claims look like empty hubris. 

Written by Clive Bates

Consumer Virtue Signaling

Kimberlee Josephson says Gen Z should ditch virtue in consumer choices. Consumers should abide the trader principle which promotes progress. Patagonia bashes chemicals and oil products then use these very products. The thrift store is the most environmentally sound.

Listen here

Court battle continues over the legal use of vaping products

As the legal use of vaping products continues to be argued in court, a debate also continues on whether a ban would send vapors back to regular cigarettes.  

Juul can continue to sell its electronic cigarettes after a federal appeals court in June blocked an FDA ban. 

To stay on the market, companies must show that their e-cigarettes benefit public health. Essentially, that means proving that adult smokers who use vapes are likely to quit or reduce their smoking, while teenagers are unlikely to become hooked on them.   

This week for a third time in four decisions, a federal appeals court has denied an Illinois-based vaping manufacturer’s petition for review of an FDA marketing denial order. A three judge panel of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled for the FDA, denying the appeal by Gripum LLC, which makes bottled e-liquid under several names. 

In Illinois, there’s talk of placing a ban on all flavored tobacco and vapes in the state, but legislation has yet to move out of committee. 

Elizabeth Hicks, U.S. Affairs analyst with the Consumer Choice Center, warned that enacting a flavor ban for vaping and tobacco products would push consumers to switch back to smoking combustible tobacco.

Read the full text here

August 2022

Hello there!
Our team has been working around the clock to defend you and your consumer choice! Let me take you through the last few weeks.

Just another misguided attempt to improve sustainability
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  is moving to essentially ban the commonly used pesticide atrazine. The current administration is weaponising for its political ambitions cutting down on pesticides, even if it is contrary to its own scientific advice. Bill writes that this move would increase food insecurity and prices at a time when American consumers can afford it the least. But do the environmentalists know that this ban would harm the environment?

Yael gives his thoughts on student loan forgiveness
Yael was recently interviewed on Hot Talk 99.5FM by host Joe Catenacci. He expressed his skepticism about Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, especially in the light of current high inflation. He stressed the importance of reforming the federal loan system, without which, we would just be endorsing bad behavior of taking out huge loans 

We know just how to ease the plasma shortage in Canada

Plasma is a valuable resource used to make medicines that treat burns, immune deficiencies, and respiratory diseases, but unfortunately, Canada produces only enough to meet 13.5 of the national demand. 80 per cent of Canada’s plasma therapies are derived using plasma from American donors, who are compensated for their donations. David writes that if we want to decrease reliance on imports and increase domestic supply, we just need to start compensating plasma donors.

Catch up on the latest episodes of our podcasts

The weekend is almost here, and if you were looking into what podcasts to listen to, we have great recommendations for you. In the latest episode of ConsEUmer podcast, Bill talks about the crackdown on private jets in France and discusses a potential EU ban on nicotine product sales for people born after 2010.  As for Consumer Choice Radio, we welcome David back from his dad leave, and he’s ready to share tips and tricks for new dads. David and Yael also take time to rant about ArriveCan and Canada’s COVID restrictions and give some thoughts on alcohol recommendations. 
ConsEUmer Podcast
Consumer Choice Radio

Checking in on the bees

Bill has been on fire recently, writing an op-ed after op-ed. This time he’s checking in to see how the bees are doing. Turns out they’re just fine. As opposed to the widespread claim that bees are dying because of certain pesticides, evidence shows a different picture. The number of bee colonies in the United States has been stable for 30 years, and the regional declines in bee populations are often due to a reduced demand for beeswax or honey, which makes beekeepers shrink their supply of managed bees

Another great addition to the CCC team  🎉

The Consumer Choice team keeps growing! Say hello to our Junior Graphic Designer Elena Podaneva. Elena has worked with global brands across many sectors, and she is also focusing on applying her skill sets to social causes. We are glad to increase team #consumerchoice and fight the good fight!
That’s a wrap for this month! Stay tuned on all of our social media channels for more info on our current activities. If you want to support our work, please consider making a donation HERE

David Clement
North American Affairs Manager

July 2022

Hello there!
Throughout July, the CCC team has been avidly defending consumer choice across the world. Here’s a recap of some of our accomplishments from this past month!

The U.S. sports betting index is out!
Want to know which states outlaw sports betting, where and how consumers can place bets and who controls betting? We’ve got you covered! Our latest index ranked all 50 states according to how consumer friendly and accessible their sports betting market is. Download the full paper to know why it is so important to have sports betting legal!

The United States should fully embrace harm reduction
Harm reduction is one of the key pillars of President Biden’s National Drug Control Strategy, but those addicted to nicotine are not given a proper chance to switch to less harmful alternatives. Juul labs were recently denied the ability to continue selling vaping devices, much to the joy of public health officials. Yael writes that 40 million smokers in the US deserve the opportunity to switch to a less harmful product to satisfy their addiction. 

The CCC team is growing

We’re excited to welcome Tarmizi bin Anuwar to our team as country associate Malaysia. Tarmizi has extensive experience in Malaysia’s political and civil society movements and will use his expertise to defend consumer choice and freedom in his home country.

Proposed crypto surveillance rules will harm consumers!
Our crypto fellow recently published a blog post, evaluating the EU’s proposed crypto surveillance rules. He says that rules introduce regulations that are far from technologically neutral, are detrimental to innovation, and will harm consumers who depend on cryptocurrency services. And of course, he’s offering more consumer friendly alternatives to these regulations that promote innovation, protect consumers, and create a better ecosystem that will benefit all Europeans.

The municipal broadband network fairytale doesn’t have a happy ending for consumers.

A historic $65 billion investment has been allocated to bolster broadband throughout the country. Consumers want access to high speed internet at reasonable prices, but Liz and Yael claim that municipal broadband networks won’t get them there. Instead, they offer viable solutions to the common obstacles preventing consumers from accessing high speed internet. Make sure to read our latest paper on the dangers of municipal broadband!

Our second staff retreat in Tbilisi

Our team members gathered in the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi, for our second retreat of the year. Working remotely from different countries around the world, staff retreats are something every team member looks forward to. We finally got the chance to talk in person, catch up, evaluate our year so far and discuss our plans and strategy for the remainder of it. I guess we could say we’re trying to live in the moment and that’s why we forgot to take a group photo. Sorry!
Thank you for your attention, as you can see it’s been quite a productive month! We have a lot of projects in progress, so make sure to follow our social media to be the first to know about them!

Luka Dzagania
Graphic Designer
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