Our mascot Charles wanted us to keep the New Year’s decorations up on CCC’s virtual offices, so please do not mind this cute consumer choice advocate on top of the page. 

If you want to give him some virtual nuts, you can follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn.

Also, we did not want to dishearten Charles because honestly, he did a lot last year: we had over 1300 media hits, 5 new colleagues, and a lot of new ideas!

Over 1300 media hits (let me do the math for ya, almost four hits a day), and here are some of our favorites:

UAE Tops The Global Ranking In Fighting Covid-19 | MSN

Free Up The Cannabis Market | Financial Post

The Trouble With King Charles’ Unorthodox Views On Modern Farming | The Hill

Das Sind Die Zehn Besten Bahnhöfe In Europa – Der European Railway Station Index 2022 | Stern.De

The Study Reveals 62% Of Smokers Believe Anti-Smoking Policies Ignore How Difficult It Is To Stop Smoking | Yahoo News

A Day Late And A Dollar Short: Liberal Budget Fails Consumers | Financial Post

If you want a lovely ride down memory lane, I strongly suggest you to check out each of them.
King Charles piece is my personal favorite: an ambitious journey from Buckingham Palace to the corn fields of Missouri.

Last but not least, the CCC family grew a lot last year! We have 5 new colleagues working with us in championing the benefits of freedom of choice, innovation, and abundance in everyday life. Please welcome Emil Panzaru, Zoltán Kész, Elena Podaneva, Gogi Kamushadze, and yours truly!

We wish you a happy new year with a lot more freedom of choice, innovation, and abundance in your everyday lives!

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