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Industry bodies cry foul over TfL plans to ban junk food ads

CAMPAIGN: The policy was blasted by transatlantic anti-regulation campaign group Consumer Choice Center, with managing director Fred Roeder calling it “heavy-handed and paternalistic”.

Poland’s Sunday shopping ban is bad news for consumers

VOCAL EUROPE: On 24th November 2017 many customers in the US and other places in the world, including Poland, were looking for promotional sales offered by shops on the Black Friday. On the same day, the Polish parliament passed the law banning retail trade on Sundays.


LA STAMPA: La conferenza sarà divisa in due panel: nel primo (14.30-16.00) interverranno Carlo e Gianpaolo Messina, fondatori di Yesmoke, per mostrare come la loro società ha cercato di incontrare le esigenze dei propri consumatori; nel secondo (16.30-18.00) interverranno Luca Bertoletti (Consumer Choice Center) e Pietro Paganini (Competere) per discutere della legislazione italiana e internazionale sull’argomento.

Pourquoi le tabac sans fumée humide (snus) est-il toujours illégal dans l’UE ?

LA TRIBUNE: Les raisons pour lesquelles Bruxelles interdit la consommation du snus, tabac sans fumée humide, uniquement distribué en Suède restent obscures. D’autant que les autorités européennes le justifient par la nécessité de réduire les risques liés au tabac tout en ne trouvant rien à redire à la vente et consommation de cigarettes. Par Bill Wirtz, […]

C’est la régulation qui nuit aux chauffeurs de taxis, pas la concurrence

L’ECHO: Les crises de colère lancées par les chauffeurs de taxi à travers le monde, en ce qui concerne les services de covoiturage tels que Uber ou Heetch, sont révélatrices d’un monopole moribond. Si votre chauffeur de taxi n’était pas en colère contre l’économie du partage, alors cette dernière ne serait pas efficace.

The Senseless War on Snus

SPIKED: In 1990, after a recommendation by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the UK banned snus, a moist, smokeless tobacco product. Popular in Scandinavia, snus (Swedish for ‘snuff’) is sold in little prepackaged white pouches, which are commonly put underneath the upper lip. Unlike dry snuff or dipping tobacco, you don’t need to spit it […]

WHO’s Outrageous Expenses Grounds for Funding Disqualification

NEWSMAX: Donald Trump has made himself the voice of those who feel disenfranchised by the political system, by questioning the status quo of establishment dogmas. He is no stranger to criticising international organizations. With the appointment of Nikky Haley as his U.N. ambassador, the president has shown that he is willing to reconsider funding for political […]

City of Hamburg receives BAN Award for Diesel bans

The City of Hamburg, Germany receives the May 2018 BAN Award for being the first city banning certain Diesel cars from some of its main streets. The Consumer Choice Center’s Managing Director Fred Roeder explains that only a few municipal governments have managed to discriminate that many consumers at once: “Over 200,000 local Diesel drivers […]

My terrifying experience at a Nanny State love-in

COMMENT CENTRAL: Bill Wirtz talks about his attendance at a health and safety love-in and his renewed vigour to stand up to the regulatory movement and the avalanche of regulation they want to bring down on ordinary consumers, by exposing their unscientific proceedings and their exclusionary rhetoric.

Are Canadian Legalization Laws Too Strict?

HIGH TIMES: North American Affairs Manager at Consumer Choice Center David Clement told High Times, “A lot of people aren’t aware of which cannabis products have THC in them, or which helps you sleep. It would be prohibited to put the desired effects [on packaging].” From a consumer safety standpoint, Mr. Clement adds, “We would love to have brands […]

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