Poll: 63 percent of Arizonans say legalize and regulate cannabis


Yaël Ossowski
Deputy Director
Consumer Choice Center

21. February 2018

Poll: 63 percent of Arizonans say legalize and regulate cannabis

Phoenix, AZ – On Thursday, a wide-ranging poll was released indicating 62.9 percent of Arizonans support a proposal to regulate and tax cannabis like alcohol.

The poll indicates 48 percent of Republicans support such a measure, along with 62 percent of independents and 69 percent of Democrats. The majority cut across all age groups: 18-24 (72 percent), 35-44 (66 percent), 45-64 (69 percent) and 65 and older (51 percent). In Maricopa County, 64 percent approve of regulating and taxing cannabis.

The telephone poll was conducted on Feb. 7-8 among a sample of 601 registered Arizona voters, with a margin of error of 4.5 percent. It was commissioned by the Consumer Choice Center and conducted by OH Predictive Insights.

Sixty percent of responses were by landline and 40 percent by cell phone.

Yaël Ossowski, the Deputy Director for the Consumer Choice Center (CCC) said this should be a positive signal to the state that its residents are ready for the legalization of cannabis.

“More than anything, this poll demonstrates that ordinary Arizonans are now ready to accept the legalization and regulation of cannabis. The voters’ attitudes have shifted since we’ve seen the success of experiments in legalization in states like Colorado, Washington state, and Oregon.

“Providing legal and safe means for residents of a responsible age to acquire cannabis should now be a focus in the State Legislature,” said Ossowski.

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