Day: February 28, 2019

La police de la santé publique progresse

Les “défenseurs de la santé publique” se sont d’abord attaqué au tabac et à l’alcool, ils s’attaquent désormais à notre alimentation quotidienne. Dans un rapport publié fin janvier dans le journal médical réputé The Lancet, l’auteur principal, Boyd Swinburn, plaide en faveur d’une plus grande intervention afin de réduire les effets de la malnutrition sur la santé […]

Brexit tariff warning issued to UK Government

Tariffs on meat imports would put “another burden” on British consumers Ahead of Britain’s impending exit from the EU, lobby group Consumer Choice Center (CCC) said that unilateral tariff liberalisation on agricultural products was vital for making consumers better off and suggested that the UK’s potential gains from trade after Brexit could outweigh the costs. Maria […]

Consumers slam government plans for tariffs on food imports

FARMERS WEEKLY: This has drawn stinging criticism from consumer group Consumer Choice Centre. “Imposing tariffs on meat imports will not only put another burden on British consumers, but will also increase the costs of Brexit and send a signal to the rest of the world that post-Brexit Britain will pursue protectionism ahead of consumer interests,” […]

Should the U.S. Ban Junk Food Ads on Public Transport?

Critics of the ban Fred Roeder, managing director of the London-based Consumer Choice Center, said: “Combating childhood obesity is a noble goal, but trampling on consumer choice and the rights of adult consumers isn’t an appropriate solution.” Roeder cites Quebec as an example: in 1980, the Canadian province banned junk-food advertising and “contrary to the expected […]

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