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Copenhagen Airport sixth best in Europe for passenger-friendliness

Brussels, Zurich, Dusseldorf, Madrid and Manchester take top five places in Consumer Choice Center’s index

Copenhagen Airport has been ranked number six in Europe for passenger-friendliness by the Consumer Choice Center – a survey of the continent’s biggest 30 airports in terms of passenger numbers.

Copenhagen’s index score of 150 was ten points ahead of the airport in seventh place, but only three points off third place.

Brussels and Zurich were streets ahead in the top two places, with Dusseldorf, Madrid and Manchester completing the top five.

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Two places ahead of Stockholm
Its European Airport Index assessed a number of factors, including practicality, comfort, location, transport options, in-airport experience and on-time performance by airlines.

Among the sub-categories were flight network access, direct jet bridges, proximity to city centre, number of lounges, security waiting times, pre-clearance for US flights and security wait information.

Amsterdam, Stockholm, Frankfurt and Munich completed the top ten.

On top of being friendly, CPH Aiport also hit the news earlier this month for being more affordable to take a taxi from.

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The Consumer Choice Center dévoile son 1er classement des aéroports européens

The Consumer Choice Center, un groupe de défense des consommateurs, vient de publier son premier classement des aéroports européens basé sur le confort des passagers. Les aéroports parisiens ne figurent pas dans le top 10.

Lobby mondial de défense des consommateurs, The Consumer Choice Center vient de dévoiler son top 10 Européen des aéroports mettant en valeur l’expérience et le confort des passagers. 

Pour établir son classement, l’organe de représentation s’est basé sur différents facteurs comme le nombre de destinations, les liaisons ferroviaires directes, la concurrence aérienne, les hôtels, etc. 

En prenant en compte les 30 aéroports les plus importants du continent, The Consumer Choice Center a couronné l’aéroport de Bruxelles et celui de Zurich, même nombre de points, devant l’infrastructure de Düsseldorf. 

Aucun aéroport parisien ou français ne figure dans le classement.

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Transportation Europe’s Top 10 Most Passenger-Friendly Airports

The Consumer Choice Center has revealed the findings of its first annual edition of the European Consumer Airport Index, highlighting the top 10 airports in Europe ranked by passenger-friendliness.

The index is the first of its kind in Europe, and should be used to inform both consumers and administrators as to who is doing the best job accommodating passengers. The top 10 are as follows:

  1. Brussels Airport
  2. Zurich Airport
  3. Düsseldorf Airport
  4. Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport
  5. Manchester Airport
  6. Copenhagen Airport
  7. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  8. Stockholm Arlanda Airport
  9. Frankfurt am Main Airport
  10. Munich Airport

Interestingly, nine of the top 10 were in northern Europe, with Madrid-Barajas as the lone exception. There was also a lack of eastern European airports—although three Moscow airports were the only ones to crack the top 30 in terms of require passenger volume. The top three—Brussels, Zurich and Düsseldorf—are all roughly one-third the size of Europe’s larger airports.

Yaël Ossowski, deputy director of the Consumer Choice Center, said the ranking demonstrates the power of offering both practicality and comfort at major airports: “High points were awarded to the airports that offered great destinations around the world, but also a healthy mix of shops, restaurants and conveniences found at the airport.

Consumer Choice Center examined Europe’s 30 largest airports (by passenger volume) and ranked them in terms of passenger experience, location, transportation options, in-airport experience and flight network access. Other factors determined in the ranking included direct jet bridges (rather than bus boarding), proximity to the city center, the number of lounges, low security waiting times and on-time performance by airlines. Bonus points were awarded to airports with pre-clearance for U.S. flights and ability to broadcast security wait times.

Looking for the best choice of airport lounges? Heathrow Airport (London) came out on top with 44 lounges. Zurich, Vnukovo International Airport (Moscow), Frankfurt and Vienna International Airport round out the top five.

The best shopping and dining experiences can be found at Zurich, Malpensa Airport (Milan), Munich, Orly Airport (Paris) and Amsterdam.

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