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Report: Tennessee’s online-only sports betting structure receives mid-pack grades nationally

Tennessee received mid-level marks for its legalization of sports betting, according to a recently released report, which says fewer restrictions would help the state curtail illegal gambling.

The Consumer Choice Center is an advocacy group that says it fights for “lifestyle freedom, innovative technologies, and smart regulation” and it analyzed how bettor-friendly sports betting marketplaces are in the 50 states.

Tennessee was in a three-way tie for fourth place along with Virginia and Rhode Island. The 14 states that ban sports betting completely, including neighboring states Alabama and Georgia, were at the bottom of the rankings.

Tennessee was penalized for its marketplace, which only allows online and not in-person betting. There are 12 independent sportsbooks taking bets in the Volunteer State and prop betting on collegiate sports is prohibited.

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Common Ground Will Rescue Us From E-cigarette and Vape Wars

CONTACT: Jeff Stier Senior Fellow Consumer Choice Center jstier@consumerchoicecenter.org Common Ground Will Rescue Us From E-cigarette and Vape Wars WASHINGTON – As the midterm elections wrap up across the country, the FDA is readying its new action plan concerning e-cigarettes. Jeff Stier, senior fellow at the Consumer Choice Center, offers these simple steps to follow if the FDA […]

ועדת השרים אישרה את הצעת החוק שתאסור פרסומות לסיגריות ומוצרי עישון

CALCALIST: זאת, למעט חריגים מצומצמים בעיתונות המודפסת בצמוד למודעת אזהרה. בנוסף יוטלו הגבלות על שיווק כולל הצגת מוצרי עישון ותאסר גם מכירת הסיגריה האלקטרונית ג’ול

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Ban

NATIONAL REVIEW: A New York City ban on styrofoam for food service is a costly and wasteful way to soothe wealthy liberals’ consciences.

USDA Is Supposed to Regulate Animal Health, Not Animal Happiness

CATO: Last December, regulators at the U.S. Department of Agriculture ruffled a lot of feathers by withdrawing a regulation published on the final full day of the Obama administration that would have created new requirements for producers of “organic” eggs and poultry.

San Francisco voters chose to keep ordinance banning flavorings in tobacco products

WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL: Jeff Stier, senior fellow with Consumer Choice Center, said he does not dispute that the ordinance is designed to help protect youths from tobacco products. “Yet, the ordinance would change the legal status of the sale of flavored e-cigarettes to adults exclusively,” Stier said, Stier challenged the FDA to “speak out about how […]

Ban would impair FDA plan

TOBACCO REPORTER: “Yet,” according to the Center’s senior fellow Jeff Stier (pictured), “California law already prohibits the sale of all e-cigarettes to anyone under 21. As such, the ordinance would change the legal status of the sale of flavored e-cigarettes to adults exclusively.” Stier is calling on the FDA to “speak out about how a […]

Ban-the-straw push panned as latest left-wing effort

ONE NEWS NOW: McDonald’s is being lobbied to drop plastic straws from its restaurants but a consumer advocate says straws are just the newest target of overzealous environmentalists. “Plastics are the new evil and this is part of that political campaign,” says Jeff Stier, senior fellow at the Consumer Choice Center. A shareholder proposal this week will […]

Sucked into Eco-Activism: McDonald’s May Ban the Plastic Straw

LIFEZETTE: “I don’t know where you’re going to get these bamboo straws,” Jeff Stier, senior fellow at the Consumer Choice Center in Washington, D.C., told LifeZette. “I don’t know what planet they’re on by saying we’re going to save the oceans by switching to some of these outlandish alternatives.”

Rhode Island Facing Potential 80% Tax For Second Year In A Row

CHURN MAG: Others have come out against the potential ban including Jeff Stier, Senior Fellow at the Consumer Choice Center. In an open letter to the House Finance Committee, Mr. Stier made the case against the tax:

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