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Canada’s Transport Minister: Expanded Egypt and UAE air agreement a win for consumers

ETN: David Clement, Toronto based North American Affairs Manager of the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), said that “The expanded agreement is a step in the right direction regarding air transport liberalization. That said, the next step here has to be further liberalization.”

‘It’s embarrassing’: Advocates say we’ve waited long enough for ride-hailing

NEWS 1130: David Clement with the Consumer Choice Center says he suspects ride-hailing hasn’t already been approved in B.C. because the government is under pressure to protect the status quo.

WHO calls for total industrial trans fat ban by 2023

OIL AND FOODS: The World Health Organization (WHO) is calling for a global ban on industrially produced trans fats by 2023, in its latest move to combat cardiovascular disease.

加国血荒严重7成购自美国 民调72.6%支持有偿捐血

DUSHI: 总部设在多伦多的消费者选择中心(Consumer Choice Center)北美事务经理克莱文(David Clement)表示,民意调查反映出,禁止有偿捐血既不利病人,也违反民众意愿。安省、亚省和魁省目前都禁止向捐血浆的人支付报酬。卑诗省最近也引入法案要禁止有偿的血浆诊所。全国有偿的血浆诊所只有在沙省和纽奔驰域省。他说,禁止有偿的血浆诊所只会令加国的血荒问题恶化。讽刺的是,禁令迫使加拿大有多达70%的血浆要向美国的有偿捐血者购买。因此,为什么不给予加拿大捐血者一些报酬,以解决血浆不足的情况,令病人可以及早获得治疗。

Are Canadian Legalization Laws Too Strict?

HIGH TIMES: North American Affairs Manager at Consumer Choice Center David Clement told High Times, “A lot of people aren’t aware of which cannabis products have THC in them, or which helps you sleep. It would be prohibited to put the desired effects [on packaging].” From a consumer safety standpoint, Mr. Clement adds, “We would love to have brands […]

Un jugement sur la bière qui ne fait pas de sens, déplore Gérard Comeau

ACADIE NOUVELLE: L’organisme Consumer Choice Center estime qu’un coup a été porté aux droits des consommateurs. Il souligne que dans sondage mené en juillet 2017 par l’institut Nanos 93% des Canadiens interrogés se disaient favorables à l’achat et au transport d’alcool entre les provinces. «L’idée d’avoir une nation et un marché est la fondation sur laquelle […]

Canadian Law Will Prohibit Celebrities From Endorsing Cannabis

HIGH TIMES: David Clement of Consumer Choice Center explains, “All a criminal needs to do to pass off their product is to replicate this simple branding.”

Canadian Advocacy Group Criticizes Marijuana Packaging Restrictions

HIGH TIMES: David Clement, the North American Affairs Manager at Consumer Choice Center, advocates on behalf of the consumer. Mr. Clement sees Canada’s potential restrictions as both dangerous and antithetical to consumer freedom.

Proposed pot packaging regs are ‘ridiculously hypocritical’: Consumer group

CALGARY HERALD: The Consumer Choice Center (CCC), an advocacy group that represents consumers in over 100 countries, says the restrictions will only limit consumer knowledge, choice, and encourage the black market.

Proposed marijuana packaging rules threaten choice and safety

DIGITAL JOURNAL: According to David Clement, the North American affairs manager at Washington, D.C.-based lobby group, Consumer Choice Center, Health Canada’s proposed packaging guidelines could threaten the choice and safety of consumers because they make it more difficult to make an informed decision.

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