Orban’s populist campaign against taste diversity a ‘recipe for disaster’

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Now that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has entered the fray of criticizing taste diversity in Europe, it’s more important than ever to realize the populist implications this could have across Europe.

Fred Roeder, Managing Director of the Consumer Choice Center, responds. “Taste diversity is a fact in Europe and it’s very much what makes us Europeans. Prime Minister Orban’s endorsement of the campaign against food producers reveals this is really more about a populist political agenda than food quality.”

“Using different tastes as a cause for populist-driven regulation is a recipe for disaster.”

“If politicians want to stake their legislative agenda on taste harmonization, it’s clear that the facts don’t line up,” said Roeder. “No one forces consumers to purchase any particular brand and they are free to pivot to other products if they aren’t happy with the taste or consistency of some offered brands in their country.”

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