Dual Food Quality

Customer choice, not regulation, drives food standards

COMMENT CENTRAL: Ill-considered campaign slogans in Hungary and the Czech Republic are not the basis for improvements in food standards, writes Bill Wirtz.

Orban’s populist campaign against taste diversity a ‘recipe for disaster’

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Now that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has entered the fray of criticizing taste diversity in Europe, it’s more important than ever to realize the populist implications this could have across Europe. Fred Roeder, Managing Director of the Consumer Choice Center, responds. “Taste diversity is a fact in Europe and it’s very much what makes […]

EU Offers Help to Tackle Food Inferiority in Central and Eastern Europe

TRANSITIONS ONLINE: The CCC says consumers are free to switch brands and that the decision made by the EU pandered to populism.

EU helps countries crack down on food firms selling inferior products

EXEC REVIEW: Consumer Choice Center, an organisation campaigning for deregulation, said the commission was responding to populist voices in eastern European governments.

‘No second class consumers’: Juncker slams double food quality in the EU

EURACTIV: Juncker’s declaration a “populist move,” according to the Consumer Choice Center.

POLITICO Pro Morning Agri and Food: Council food fight — Origin labels — Jourová takes aim

POLITICO PRO: Consumer Choice Center — which bills itself as group defending consumers against protectionism — told Morning Agri that what studies governments have conducted to date are “either of questionable design or lack any statistical backing.”

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