If the European Union would take a more ‘science-led’ attitude to genetically modified crops, it could hugely reduce its use of pesticides.

According to ‘consumer advocacy group’ the Consumer Choice Center, it is time to reassess the existing EU regulation of biotechnology.

In an open letter to Commissioner Stella Kyriakides, the pro-GM campaigners emphasised the benefits of a ‘pro-consumer, pro-science and pro-innovation approach’.

“Faced with the issue of climate change, we should remain sensible in our effort to ensure the sustainable and effective functioning of European agriculture that works for all,” read the letter. “The right of consumers to choose should be respected and preserved at all costs.

“As the European Union seeks to drive down the use of pesticides, it shouldn’t turn its back on innovation in agriculture. Genetic modification, with its propensity to reduce chemical pesticide use by more than 30%, is an astounding solution to this pressing issue.

“With the help of gene engineering, we would be able to decrease our dependence on natural resources and minimise the use of fertilisers and pesticides.

“Consumers, farmers and the environment benefit from the application of genetic modification. Above all, enabling genetic modification is a great way to reduce the use of pesticides. Turning a blind eye to these possibilities is costly and harms consumer choice in the European Union.”

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